New Year Just For Guys!

The Health Check-ups Guys Need To Get This Year!
Contribution by Dr. Z, ND

It’s a new year and the time is upon us to start focusing on one of the most important resolutions you can make: Your health is your wealth!

Different age groups of course have different health concerns. Below is a list of health concerns by age group, and steps a guy should be taking NOW to maintain and improve your health in the coming years.

Guys Health  – Ages 25 to 45

1) Physical activity

Stay active to maintain good health.

2) Sexually transmitted diseases.

Get STD lab testing. No doctor’s office visits needed.

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3) Stress

Potentially the most stressful years of your life. Learn some good stress management techniques, such as yoga, meditation, or tai chi.

4) Tests and check-ups

Visit your doctor for a complete physical, including a testicular exam. Complete blood count,cholesterol analysis, and urinalysis test.

5) Other tests

I highly recommend doing a yearly gentle bowel and liver detox cleanse. There are many products and programs to choose from. It is best to see a naturopath or other holistically trained health care practitioner for guidance on this.

6) A Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Releaser

It’s in this age bracket that you’ll begin to see signs of aging. Hormone level production trails off more rapidly here, particularly human growth hormones (HGH) that are responsible for cell regeneration.

Your Health — Ages 45 to 55

This is the decade in which your metabolism tends to change and your aging process tends to accelerate. It is important to remain proactive regarding good nutrition and exercise during this phase of your life.

1) Cardiovascular health.
In this age group cardiovascular disease becomes the number one cause of death.

2) Joint health.
Joints can start to degenerate at this time in your life. Regular physical exercise, including stretching, strength, and range-of-motion exercise will help your joints stay flexible and strong.

3) Tests and check-ups you need to get.
PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) test to screen for prostate cancer.
Digital rectal exam to check prostate for BPH and prostatitis.

Your Health — Ages 55 to 65

Heart disease is still the number one health concern in this age group. Continue to focus on your , fitness and nutrition regime. Tests and check-ups you need this year include all the tests for the previous age groups.

Your Health — Ages 65 to 75+

Continue to watch your cardiovascular health. Be aware that cancer is now the second leading cause of death in this age group.

Prevention is the name of the game.

Tests and check-ups you’ll need this year include all the tests for the previous age groups PLUS… 
B-vitamin serum levels.

Flu prevention, either with conventional flu shots or naturopathic or homeopathic flu prevention strategies.


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