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Because the course of Peyronie’s bent and croaked disease is different in each patient and because some patients experience improvement without a cure treatment, medical experts suggest waiting 1 to 2 years or longer before attempting to correct it surgically. During that wait, patients often are willing to undergo treatments whose effectiveness has not been proven.

Some researchers have given men with Peyronie’s disease vitamin E and a Multiple Vitamin-Mineral Combination Supplements Package orally in small-scale studies and have reported improvements.

Researchers have injected chemical agents such as verapamil, collagenase, steroids, and calcium channel blockers directly into the plaques. These cure interventions are still considered unproven because studies have included low numbers of patients and have lacked adequate control groups.

Steroids, such as cortisone, have produced unwanted side effects, such as the atrophy or death of healthy tissues. Another intervention involves iontophoresis, the use of a painless current of electricity to deliver verapamil or some other agent under the skin to the plaque.

Radiation therapy, in which high-energy rays are aimed at the plaque, has also been used.

Peyronie’s bending disease has been treated with some success by surgery.

Some men choose to receive an implanted device that increases rigidity of the penis.

Now a new Peyronie’s crooked treatment traction medical device that is a doctor approved beneficial stretching therapy with great results.

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