Reasons For STD Testing Regularly

Reasons For STD Testing Regularly

Men and STDs: Distinct Rise in the Numbers

The fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has highlighted a rise in the reported cases of STDs is surely stark enough that people should sit up and take note. The CDC data expands on this and explains that men who have sex with men show higher rates of STD infection than other orientations. Whatever the reason for this, it is a hugely important topic that any sexually active person should know about.

While getting tested for STDs on a regular basis is important, it is vital that men should practice safe sex by using a condom. If you enter a relationship and wish to forego on using condoms, you (and your partner) should make the effort to get tested for the various STDs. That way both of you can enter into the sexual side of the relationship safe in the knowledge that you won’t contract any diseases.

Prevention is better than cure video!

Casual sex is of course immensely thrilling but with it comes other issues to consider, namely you are more at risk of contracting an STD. That’s where wearing a condom plays its part. While most men will loudly voice their dislike for this method of contraception, it is a necessary evil in today’s world.

Wearing a condom might be a chore but wouldn’t it more of a chore to have to explain to a partner that you have an STD or HIV? Dealing with the infection isn’t so pleasant either so prevention is better than cure!

Carry a Condom

Carrying a condom in your wallet or pocket is a responsible thing to do and will help you to enjoy your steamy sex sessions safe in the knowledge that you won’t contract anything nasty of a sexual nature.

Condoms are readily available, inexpensive and easy to use so there really is no excuse! Just take care that you use a reputable brand and that it doesn’t burst while in the throes of passion.