San Francisco Considers Banning Infant Male Circumcision

(NaturalNews) A proposed ballot measure could end the practice of infant male circumcision in San Francisco, Calif., as soon as this fall. The measure, which needs 7,000 local signatures to be included on the November ballot, has sparked some controversy among local circumcision advocates. Proponents of the bill, however, say the procedure provides little to no benefit, and actually increases disease risk.

If passed, the bill will make it illegal to “circumcise, excise, cut or mutilate the foreskin, testicle or penis of another person who has not attained the age of 18.” Violators of the ruling would be fined $1,000 and have to serve a year in prison.


es, it’s about time this barbaric, torturous procedure is banned. No boys are ever circumcised in Germany or Austria, or many other European Countries. In the US, it’s strictly a money making business. New mothers need to become educated before they give birth. And watch some of those barbaric videos on circumcision online.I love San Fransisco! How progressive!

circumcision here in our country is actually part of the culture… i don’t know why really, it just is… and if you haven’t had the procedure done, well, you’ll be at the bottom of the boys’s food chain… so yeah, might as well have it done than be bullied…

In my opinion, I think circumcision is not just a part of one’s culture but also hygienic after all. If I’ll find out my man isn’t circumcised yet, I’ll find a way to get that foul thing on his penis. LOL. :)

It is time to stop this, and also we must reject female circumcision too.

Circumcision on ballot in San Francisco: Will voters okay ban?

This is a real positive step people need to stand up to this completely unnecessary & inhumane procedure. America is old stool & needs to respect the human body a lot more. Being Australian & cut is not common these days, most dudes my age are not done making it a lot harder for myself. Go San Francisco stand up for what is right! Banning this procedure is the only way to go!