Seven Ways of Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

Seven Ways of Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

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You can improve the quality of your erections, extend their longevity, and minimize the possibilities of losing an erection during lovemaking by adopting the following tips:

1) Eat a low-fat diet and exercise regularly. Diet and exercise have an effect on your libido and your ability to have erections. Bear in mind that erections are based on a healthy cardiovascular system. Healthy blood vessels are essential for strong erections.

2) If you smoke, stop. Smoking causes much of the vascular damage in the penis that results in ED. Long-term heavy smokers have a far greater probability of becoming impotent than do nonsmokers.

3) Expand your definition of sex. There is more to making love than having intercourse. Lovers won’t move onto a higher sexual plane if they don’t grasp this message. A man is also more likely to have erection difficulties if his lovemaking style is exclusively intercourse driven. The pressure to perform will be greater for him than for a man who enjoys satisfying his partner in a variety of ways.

4) Have frequent sexual contact. The more you make love, the more you will be able to make love.

5) Don’t make a rock hard penis the goal of lovemaking. Don’t forget, you have a tongue and finders. Once you take the pressure to have an erection out of lovemaking, you will probably have more frequent erections, sustain them longer, and enjoy the experience much more.

6) Share information with your partner. If you’re worried about erection problems talk to your partner about it. Trying to keep it a secret only puts more pressure on you.

7) Don’t take medications you don’t need. Some prescription drugs have a negative effect on a man’s ability to have an erection. When your doctor prescribes a drug, ask about its sexual side effects; sometimes there is an alternative product that won’t affect your sex life.

“Don’t take your erections or your potency for granted is the message men need to hear around their fortieth birthday,” says Gene who recently turned 50. He began to have some erectile difficulties about a decade ago. “I wasn’t getting hard enough often enough and I wasn’t staying hard enough,” he says succinctly. “I knew that some change was inevitable, but I was experiencing too much change. I had the sexual responses of a man twenty years my senior.

“Initially I took the easy way out. I went for the pills. The erection situation got a little worse. My wife was unhappy with me being dependent on pills and so was I. And the pills didn’t even work all the time. One night we had a big argument that ended with her crying and accusing me of cheating her out of a sex life. She said I was taking a cheap shortcut and I wasn’t addressing the underlying issue, my insecurity about my erections. That hurt. She also said she was worried about me.

Would I cut my life short the same way I’d cut our sex life short by resorting to pills for everything that occurs, like blood pressure issues? The next day I looked into a comprehensive approach and found there were lots of fakes on the Internet. That’s when I discovered a new approach that was honest and easy-to-follow, no pills, creams or drugs treatment therapy.

“The erection situation improved a great deal. I’ll never get as rock hard as I did when I was twenty, but, on the other hand, I have better erections at fifty than I was getting at forty. I’ve also learned how to be a better lover. In some ways struggling with ED has an up-side—yes, pun intended.