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"How Does Man's Normal Natural Dick Hardness Arousal Work?"

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For something that appears so natural, a male sexual penile erection function is a rather complicated process involving the coordination of the psychological, neurological and cardiovascular systems.

The penis becomes erect following a series of sexual events.

First, the penile nerves are stimulated, to produce a sensation known as sexual arousal.

No matter what the nature of the sexual stimulus. Whether it is visual, mental or physical the brain coordinates the following series of bodily events:

Penile picture anatomy and photo of penis Xsection image
Nerve impulses transverse the length of the spinal cord on to the penis thru the dorsal nerve. Smooth muscle within the walls of the penile arteries respond by relaxing.

[Penile image cross section picture of penis anatomy photo]

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    Soft flaccid penile arteries dilate
    Penile picture and photo of dick, penis anatomy image Subsequently, the soft flaccid penile arteries dilate allowing up to eight times more blood to flow into the corpora cavernosum, (two parallel cylinders that transverse the length of the penis).

    [Image side view picture of hanging flaccid penis anatomy photo]

    Expanding and lengthening the penis
    Penile picture and photo of penis (dick) erection anatomy image The cavernosum become engorged with blood expanding and lengthening the penis. The expanding tissue then exerts a positive pressure compressing the veins that normally empty the blood from the penis, maintaining the blood in the penile tissue. When penile ejaculation (climax) occurs or when penile arousal is discontinued the penis returns to its non-erect state.
    [Image Illistration side view photo of erect penis anatomy picture]

    Refractory Period

    Can A Man Get Hard Again After Orgasms?
    What a man is experiencing when the penis won't get hard after orgasms is the curse of the refractory period. In layman’s terms, the refractory period refers to a “break time” for the penis. Usually, it takes some time for an excitable membrane to prepare for stimulus again and time for more sperm production.

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  • what makes a man get an penile erection, is it by him thinking of another girl? or does it just happen? - bex
    I would wake up some mornings with a hard penile erection for no reason in the world. Other times I have to be thinking intimately of that woman I desire for an penile erection.

  • Will more male testosterone get penis erected more often? - Cloudchaser
    After the average healthy male climaxes, exactly what happens that enables him to be fully erect ready and willing to go again after a period of time? Does his body have to produce more male testosterone?
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    He will have an erection and as soon as he goes in, maybe 20 seconds, he get nervous & he loses it. I keep thinking he doesn't enjoy me, how can I not think this
  • Penis semi-erection for sexual intercourse - cris
    I used to really enjoy having sex with my wife and used to please her 2 or 3 times in a go. now i am lucky to get and keep my erection.

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