She Has STD From Previous Relationship

Sleeping Together, No STD Protection Story

How many times have you seen a movie where, in the heat of the moment, the main character slips on a condom before having sex? Probably very few, if any at all. While it may seem like practicing safe sex would kill the mood in a movie, it shouldn’t.

Realistically, many movie characters would end up with unwanted pregnancies or STDs given the current sexual habits we see on screen.

Picture this: you’re watching The Notebook. Allie and Noah sleep together for the first time, of course with no protection. Unknown to Allie, she has chlamydia from a previous relationship and gives it to Noah.

STD testing

That would kill the romance in the movie, wouldn’t it? Now imagine that Noah has a condom handy and uses it when the time comes. We might not ever hear about Allie’s chlamydia infection–if we do, it wouldn’t be until she discovers it during her routine STD testing. Ideally, Noah wouldn’t contract chlamydia because they practiced safe sex, but just to be safe, he would get testing too (and treatment if necessary). It would be a lot more pleasing to watch the second scenario than the first, so why can’t this become a reality?

Condom Safe

A two-second shot of even just a condom wrapper at a bedside table assures us that characters are being safe, and sets a health-positive example. We like to think that Allie and Noah get tested together and are practicing healthy habits, but of course, romance movies could lose their appeal if every time a couple got together, there was a scene of them at an STD clinic getting tested for STDs. However, knowing that both partners are safe makes sex scenes much more romantic.

STI transmission

In any case, we know that the way sex is portrayed in the movies is unrealistic. A lot of what we see in movies is distorted–especially sex. Almost all sexual activity we see in the movies is risky, and could lead to STI transmission. Do your best to stay healthy. You won’t “kill the mood” by being safe. Always use a condom, and get tested regularly.