Special Techniques For Female Orgasms

Special Techniques For Female Orgasms

Special Intimate Vagina Pleasure Techniques For Female Orgasms

Men, there are plenty of things you can do in her erogenous zones to heightened sensations of physical pleasure for your lover. Most women have the majority of their nerve endings in the clitoris shaft and the first two inches of the vagina, so you do not need to be well hung or spend money of enlargement techniques as some would have you believe to seduce her for powerful female orgasms. Click to see the female genitalia picture.

1. When you are on top, put a pillow under her butt. This will improve the angle you enter.

2. When she is on top, suggest rubbing motions forward and backwards as opposed to up and down to the for clit stimulation.

3. Buy her a “bullet”, which is a small vibrator about one inch long. Have her put this on her clit during intercourse.

4. Instead of stroking in and out, you rub as well, try “swirling” your penis… sort of like grinding hips together, this will stimulate her more than pumping away like a p*rn star.

5. Go down on her first. Give her oral sex to warm her up, and then use some of the mentioned methods and techniques.

6. On lines of the vibrator, try to get her comfortable touching herself, so she can stimulate herself during intercourse.

7. Try positions that tighten the entry. For example, with her on her back, but her legs up in the air, and have her put them together, such that they are NOT spread apart. This way, when you enter her and hit the G-spot, you will cause more stimulation, sensual arousal and make it seem like you are bigger.

8. Lastly, have her work on her PC muscles(kegels) to try to tighten the entry.

Dr. Arnold Kegel, a gynaecologist, developed Kegel exercises method originally to normalize women’s vaginal shape after giving birth, thus tightening the vaginal’s muscles.

The Power of The Female Orgasm

Ben Wa balls or Kegel balls are one way of exercising her PC muscles. Another way is to practice the “Clenching” motion on your own – it can be done anywhere, but the most FUN way is to do it during intercourse. The male partner feels the squeezing and tightening muscles, and it can also add to the power of the female orgasm!
Good Luck.