Surviving Prostate Cancer Radiation Treatments.

Surviving Prostate Cancer Radiation Treatments.

Viagra Treatment Preferences For Impotence!

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A true story prostate cancer survivor’s personal experience

My name is Ron. I’m 62 years old and I have prostate cancer. I had a 10.8 PSA cancer indicator from a PSA lab blood test taken during my doctor simi-annual check up.

Because the PSA was more than 4, my doctor sent me to a Urologist doctor for a biopsy of the cancer tissue. The test confirmed it was cancer of the prostate gland. He guided me to other sources for help as to what options would be beneficial for me. For a treatment preference solution, I conferred with a urologist, other doctors and did research on the internet.

My Preference was on the radiation treatments rather then surgical removal of the prostate gland. I figured this was the best chance to keeping my sexuality.

I received 27 radiation treatments for the cancer to the prostate gland over a 5 week period and then 2 surgical radiation seed implants a week apart. Check out Seed Brachytherapy Procedure Animation for guys.

I started having trouble to “get it up” during sex because of the prostate cancer radiation treatments. It was very frustrating and it bother me a lot. Although, my wife assured me she still loved me no matter what.

But I could feel our sexual relationship was not the same and that put a strain on our marriage. So, I surf the internet to do research to familiarize myself with all aspects of sexual dysfunction treatment options, Preferences and guys medical solutions.

Impotence treatment option preference

From the search results, I found I could try oral medication/herbal supplements or mechanical contrivances like a vacuum cuff or pump. Or, could have bendable rods surgically implanted.

Or, using a small, fine needle, I could inject alprostadil, a prescription drug that mimics a natural substance produced during sexual arousal, into the penis, to encourage blood flow. I did not care for most of these.

I had been taking Viagra herbal alternative for impotence, which was working well for me before my radiation treatments. I continue to take the herbal remedy, which is good for the aphrodisiac effect and sexual desire but, not too good for a good lasting erection.

Then there is Viagra, Cialis, Levitra oral prescription drug medications for impotence. To inform myself of the potential advantages and disadvantages of these impotence drugs, I checked out the Viagra Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Also, I wanted testimonials from Viagra users. For more Viagra prescription drug information, I did some reading with Viagra books and Viagra news articles sources.

Erectile Dysfunction Solution Preferences

My first preference for my impotence treatment was Viagra prescription drug. I found this legal license to prescribe online USA pharmacy which had discreet delivery and fast Federal Express next day shipping.

I filled out the Free confidential consultation form for the online doctor to diagnose my erectile dysfunction problem. In a few days after my prescription was approved, I received my Viagra prescription drug package. No embarrassment, and no doctors visits necessary.

Impotence Consideration medicine: My second chance

I started out with the Viagra 25 mg pill. Within 45 minutes of taking Viagra impotence solution I’m ready for love making. Our love life has never been better!

I now feel more confident and sure about myself. Sex is very important in a relationship. My wife says love making is now better than ever.

Life: My second chance
The really good news is, my PSA prostate cancer indicator is down to .08 (5 years later). It looks like my prostate cancer is in remission.
Life is GREAT!

If a prescription drug is not for you, try natural herbal aphrodisiacs alternatives!
These natural formulations not only increase libido in men and women, they also enhance the sexual experience and improve performance, endurance and pleasure.

Natural herbal aphrodisiacs alternatives to improve sexual performance abilities.