• Seven Ways of Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

    Seven Ways of Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

    Men’s Sexual Health Newsletter Magazine You can improve the quality of your erections, extend their longevity, and minimize the possibilities of losing an erection during lovemaking by adopting the following tips: 1) Eat a low-fat diet and exercise regularly. Diet and exercise have an effect on your libido and your ability to have erections. Bear

  • How To Bust Weak Erections

    How To Bust Weak Erections

    How To Bust A Weak Erection With 3 Simple Strategies For Men By the time you’ve finished reading this whole article, you will know how to achieve that elusive rock hard erection you used to take for granted. Without Drugs, Pills or Potions If you are not able to achieve a hard erection, it is

  • ED drug side effects

    ED drug side effects

    What Drug Treatments Causes Erectile Dysfunction In Men? Prescription medications often causes drug side effect in a guys. Some two hundred known medications fall into this category including. Antihypertensives medications significantly: Beta-blockers e.g. Atenolol, Propranolol and Tentorium. Ace Inhibitors/Calcium Channel Blockers medications e.g. Vasotec, Lotensin, Cardizem, Norvasc periodically cause male erectile dysfunction, however, they are

  • Viagra User Speaks Out! True Story Experience

    Viagra Brand User Speaks Out – Viagra saved our love life I started using 50 mg Viagra tablets in 1998 when the consumer prescription drug product first went on the market. I guess you could say in that respect I’m one of the pioneers. After a while, however, the 50 mg tablet wasn’t helping me