• Testosterone Affects Guys Overall Medical Health

    Testosterone Affects Guys Overall Medical Health

    Testosterone Hormone Levels Testing and Male Penis Erections (Part 2) Men often make wisecracks about women on their periods. Well, the tables are turned when your testosterone level gets extremely low, because you may experience many of the same things women do when their estrogen levels fall. Until recently, medical scientists failed to recognize the

  • Male Hormone Performance Abilities

    Male Hormone Performance Abilities

    Men’s Testosterone, Libido & Guys Sexual Desire Drive It’s Not Just Your Bat; It’s The Amount Of Testosterone Behind It That Makes A Difference! During and interview with homerun champion Mark McGwire, a reporter casually glanced into Mark’s locker. Somewhat hidden on the back of the shelf was an innocent looking bottle. Curiously, the reporter

  • Low T Symptoms In Men

    Low T Symptoms In Men

    Testosterone is the Man Hormone You may cringe a little when guys mention symptoms of low T. That’s assuming you’re open to discussing them with other men – low T symptoms range from the invisible to things that might truly shock you, like larger breasts and smaller testicles. Yes, low testosterone¬†can actually shrink your balls

  • Male Testosterone

    Male Testosterone

    Testosterone is a vital sex hormone that plays an important role in fellows puberty. In men, testosterone is produced in the testicles…