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“Well I bought some Caverta generic viagra. The price was $1.50 per 50 mg dose on the 90 tabs / 100mg pills jar but, I bought the small one.

  • This is the first time I buy generic viagra online and I think it went very well. It works just the same as Viagra. It’s the same active ingredient. I won’t buy viagra anymore because of the costs, Caverta is fine for me and much cheaper. Your mileage may vary but at such low price why not give it a try?
  • I started having problems with keeping an erection because of prostate cancer radiation therapy. The doc said the radiation treatments killed a lot of the important blood vessels that I need.
    So, my doctor put me on 25 mg. Viagra. I ordered the Meltabs fast acting alternative online and it worked very well!! It started working in 15 minutes and my girfriend Liliana has to admit that the generic sildenafil citrate equivalent works! Our love life has never been better! Sex is very important in a relationship and I get to keep my sexuality.
  • Wow- what a pill, I’ve never seen anything like it. I tried the 100 mg and lasted a long time but got slight headaches. Then, the next time I used the medicine, I split the tablet in half and I didn’t have headache side effects anymore. My girlfriend loves the results i get from the Zenegra sildenafil citrate equivalent!”
  • “I’m still quite young but could not believe the power of this little pill. I took the medication right after a big meal. It did take about 60 minutes to be ready, had a good erection but got a stomach ache afterward. The next day after reading the discussion board about other users suggesting waiting a hour after a meal, especially if it contains a high fat content. So, the next time I waited a couple hours after dinner to take the Edegra generic equivalent drug. After 30 minutes I was ready, had no side effects and my wife & I had a great time!”
  • “Silagra is for me, I thought my sex life was over and this little pill gave me a new lease on life. It really elevated my self esteem and pumped up confidence in myself. Thanks generic Silagra! my wife is smiling”
  • “I’ve used Viagra, Cialis, Levitra impotence drugs and they all work about the same. The only difference is that Cialis last about 36 hours. Generic Kamagra is much cheaper and I was just as happy getting a firm erection that lasted as long as i needed.”