Testosterone Affects Guys Overall Medical Health

Testosterone Affects Guys Overall Medical Health

Testosterone Hormone Levels Testing and Male Penis Erections (Part 2)

Men often make wisecracks about women on their periods. Well, the tables are turned when your testosterone level gets extremely low, because you may experience many of the same things women do when their estrogen levels fall. Until recently, medical scientists failed to recognize the importance of testosterone outside the sexual arena.

However, in the last decade, research has intensified, and some big surprises have been found. The most important surprise was that testosterone affects guys overall health, and the lack of it makes you more susceptible to various diseases and ailments.

If males Are Not Getting a Waking Erection, Look Out. When your testosterone is too low, the frequency of night and morning erections is also low. Most men don’t pay any attention to this or simply attribute it to getting older.

If guys don’t get a night or waking erection almost every day, then your testosterone level is too low – even if you are in your seventies! The reason for this is that around midnight, your testosterone level begins to rise and reaches a peak between 5 A.M. and 8 A.M. The exceptions include the times you’ve overindulged in alcohol, taken drugs, suffered extreme stress or anxiety, or had an illness or injury.

Testosterone levels testing can be done though a legal licensed to prescribe pharmacy at a lab testing facility near you. No doctor’s office visit needed.

Every Woman Looks Good at 2 A.M. Many men have joked that when they were younger, almost any woman looked good just before the bar closed or when the party was over. Well, there’s a bit of fact to that joke. It’s that midnight surge of testosterone, and I bet it brings back some memories.

A New Sexual activity Man in Two Weeks.

Dr. N.E. Skakkebaek reported in the journal Clinical Endocrinology that totally impotent men, with little or no interest in sex, experienced vastly increased sexual interest within one week of commencing testosterone therapy, and after two weeks, they began having orgasms again. Dr. Jan Davidson of the Stanford University Medical Center said, “We concluded that the stimulatory effects of testosterone on sexual activity are rapid, reliable and not due to a placebo effect.”

Testosterone Therapy Unwanted Side Effects.

Well, would you run out and get some testosterone? The answer is a serious”No.” Medical science has learned a lot over the years helping postmenopausal women with estrogen therapy. They’ve found that tinkering with the hormonal system is a delicate affair.

There are many unwanted side effects, and although estrogen therapy is very successful today, it is far from perfect. Testosterone therapy is fairly new and still climbing the learning curve. Men getting it have to be monitored very closely by doctors. Successful testosterone therapy without side effects is similar to trying to throw a nail through the spokes of a moving bicycle wheel. If your toss is just right, then everything works great. Usually, it’s not.

Alternative approaches are better and safer. VigRX Oil is one immediate improvement you can make to erection hardness and staying power – you just rub it on and it penetrate transdermally to deliver all-natural ingredients directly to the penis, testicles and bloodstream.

Body Is Smarter Than Medical Doctors

Androstenedione works beautifully because the body, being much smarter than doctors, makes only the amount of testosterone that it needs. There’s no guesswork. That’s why no prescription is required (with precursors such as ASD). It’s safe,and there are no side effects.

Often, low levels of testosterone are due to the food we eat. The male sex organs use more zinc than any other part of the body. It’s no wonder then that so many men have sexual problems, according to Professor Emeritus Denham Harman, MD, Ph.D., of the University of Nebraska School of Medicine.

He said, “Some 90% of the population consume diets deficient in Zinc.” Zinc deficiency in children causes delayed sexual development, according to studies done by Dr. S.Z. Ghavami at the Pediatric Department of New York’s Nassau County Medical Center.

Clinical Tests, Penis Shrank

Dr. U. Mehta reported in the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology that clinical tests showed the testicles and penises of animals atrophied (shrank) when the animals were fed diets devoid of zinc. In other studies, the testosterone levels of men given zinc supplements increased dramatically, according to Dr. A.T. Crockett of the University of Rochester School of Medicine.

ASD Requires Zinc

The most interesting aspect of zinc is that in order for the body to convert ASD to testosterone, zinc must be present. Obviously, taking ASD by itself is probably useless. Lycopene, which is found in tomatoes, is another nutrient that apparently is very important for sexual health.

The testicles contain more lycopene than any other part of the body, but impotent men have very low levels. Lycopene was recently discovered and, so far, scientists haven’t figured out why the testicles contain such a high amount.

Androstenedione and ASD Produce Effective Flow Of Testosterone

Many months before the press reported that McGwire was taking ASD gel, news of its importance spread through the athletic community, and several nutritional supplement manufacturers rushed a crude form of ASD to the market. Since then, clinical studies have shown that ASD works better when combined with its brother 4-androstenediol.

In combination, they produce a more regulated and effective flow of testosterone. One of the largest nutriceutical companies in the world, Gero Vita, which sells a variety of ailment-targeted supplements in 33 countries, has been studying ASD for use by men with declining testosterone levels. Recently, they released a product called Andro-Teston that contains androstenedione (ASD_, 4-androstenediol, lycopene, lecitihin, Serenoa repens, and zinc citrate (plain zinc is not absorbed well by the stomach).

Easy to Digest With Lecithin

Lecithin was added to ensure that the ASD will be thoroughly absorbed by the digestive tract. As you get older, the digestive system doesn’t operate as well as it used to and needs all the help it can get. In conjunction with any oral supplementation, it’s sensible to also use a topical sexual booster such as VigRX Oil.

See a doctor to check your testosterone level tested for any deficiency. With proper medical testosterone replacement or other treatment therapy, you can have increased sexual performance, libido (sexual desire), energy, mood, and lean muscle mass. Of course a proper diet and exercise is important for testosterone support.