The 6 STDs Most Common for Men

The 6 STDs Most Common for Men

Thanks to the STD testing resources available online finding out whether you have it can be quick, inexpensive, anonymous and FDA certified.

What do sex and a day at the beach have in common? If you don’t use protection, you could get burned. Of course, treatment for STDs is generally a lot more effective and a lot less slimy than rubbing aloe all over your skin.

Read on for more STD information and medical advice on what you should be watching out for in the bedroom (or on the beach, if that’s your style).


When HIV was identified 30 years ago, researchers were baffled. Now we know much more, like that condoms are about 90% effective at preventing transmission.

We also know: 38,730 Americans are infected each year. That’s down 50% from the peak in 1992. New infections are made up of 44% gay/bisexual males, 34% heterosexuals, and 17% intravenous drug users. About 25% of Americans who have HIV don’t know it. Have you been tested lately? Now you can get FDA approved HIV testing in your home.


The bad news: untreated gonorrhea can cause infertility in both women and men. The good news: it’s treatable with antibiotics (so… clap for the clap?). And thanks to the STD testing resources available online finding out whether you have it can be quick, inexpensive and anonymous and FDA certified. See gonorrhoea bacteria picture here


Did you know that men with Chlamydia might not have any symptoms? Maybe that’s why more than 8% of young, sexually active males are thought to carry the disease. Getting tested and treated is easy and can prevent men from transmitting the disease to their partners. Chlamydia bacteria picture here

Herpes Simplex Virus-2 (HSV-2) And Pictures

This genital-wart-causing virus is on the decline stateside. Even better? Researchers are developing a vaccine to accompany the anti-viral treatments already available. Well done, science. About 8% of the general population has HPV. HPV is the virus that leads to Herpes. Get Herpes tested. Untreated, it can cause cervical cancer in women and cancers of the penis, anus and rectum in men. A HPV vaccine on the market since 2006 has shown excellent prevention results. Genital Warts symptoms pictures here


Syphilis is the old faithful of STDs – it’s been around for centuries and is on the rise in the U.S. today. Getting tested is a must. The good news is that early treatment is readily available and effective. But left untouched, this Sexually Transmitted Disease can damage the brain and major body organs. Syphilis bacteria pictures here
Guest post by a sexual health expert.