The black and white video was recorded by Anonymous Content

The article was simply talking about being neighbourly and helping newcomers to understand Halloween. And, as well, to realize that some newcomers have come from war torn countries and so seeing dead bodies etc can be difficult for them. The article is simply suggesting that NLers show a bit of kindness and respect.

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Cheap Jerseys china CULVER CITY, CA JUNE 04: Actor Robert De Niro speaks onstage during Spike TV’s 10th Annual Guys Choice Awards at Sony Pictures Studios on June 4, 2016 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)Donald Trump HeadlinesCountdown to Election Day 2016: What you need to know WednesdayCelebrities who are voting for Donald Trump vs Hillary ClintonTrump calls on Clinton voters to switch their voteStudents, Moody economic model picks Hillary to winTexan’s tweet calling Hillary Clinton causes controversy MoreActor Robert De Niro did not mince words in a brief video about his thoughts on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.The black and white video was recorded by Anonymous Content, which has made a series of voting related videos, according to Variety. De Niro’s remarks could not be used for the group’s campaign, which is non partisan, but the group released De Niro’s remarks to the media Friday. Cheap Jerseys china

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