The November 2010 PayScale data shows that framers working in

Super. Bowl. 2015,. Jason Dodson (Maldives) and Kevin Murphy (Moondoggies) collaborate to write the band’s songs. Sort of like the Maldives, the eight person band operates on the idea that the more talented musicians included, the better. Judging from their affiliated groups, expect lots of vocal harmonies and that wall of countrified sound the Maldives have cultivated over the years.

While pastors and ministers need to know that incorporation and 501c3 are a serious problem, and an affront to Christ’s Sovereign rule over His church, they also need to know that there are workable solutions. The fact is that far too many people have done nothing more for the clergy than to point the accusatory finger, then leave them with nothing to remedy their problems. The reality is that there are numerous issues (property and assets, banking, polity, denominational affiliations, etc.) which could make unlicensing some churches a daunting process.

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