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jays fever spreads from coast to coast

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cheap jerseys I think you’ll find many coaches believe the same thing throughout the state.”Linden, which also owns a 4 4 record, finished behind Columbia (1 7) for the eighth and final spot in North 2 Group V. Columbia, which was awaiting the outcome of a Saturday night game that could have given it enough residual points to break a deadlock for the eighth spot with Linden, didn’t need to know the result of that game because it already owned a tiebreaker with Linden.”I think the system is definitely flawed on a couple of different levels,” said Linden head coach Al Chiola, noting that the NJSIAA rewarded Columbia additional power points for playing and losing 42 6 to Seton Hall Prep, a member of the North Jersey Football Super Conference’s White Division. “That you can reward a team for playing one of the Super Conference schools, to me, that’s setting things up for trouble. cheap jerseys

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