Why A STD Dating Site Is Awesome To Meet Someone!

Why A STD Dating Site Is Awesome To Meet Someone!

Today certain junior high-minded individuals in the blogosphere are snickering about STD-Love.com, a new online personals dating site tailored for people infected with STDs.

After all, STD, STI and VD rates are accelerating, and presumably, a lot of that has to do with the fact that our sexual partners are either completely in the dark about the fact that they are infected, or worse, lying when they say they’re “clean,” so to speak.

Conversely, the members of STD Love are responsible enough to keep up-to-date on their medical status, and courageous and honest enough to be totally up front about it, all traits that everyone is looking for in a intimate romantic partner.

Never feel lonely again!

So, if you’re AIDS, Herpes, HPV,Gonorrhea, Candidiasis, Chlamydia (The “Clap”), Syphilis, Crabs or other STDs infected yourself, you get to bypass that whole uncomfortable disclosure talk. At STD-LOVE.com they have forums, chat, blogs, a live STD medical counselor onsite and you can sign up for free.

Tips on online dating safety

  • Don’t post personal information. Wait until you feel comfortable with an individual before telling them things like your phone number or place of work or address.
  • Never give out your bank account details or any other financial information. If you are approached by any member then report them immediately.
  • Don’t let anyone pressure you into giving away more information than you want to.
  • Beware of solicitation – watch out for anyone offering financial advice or asking for charitable contributions.
  • Even if you’re arranging to meet someone, do not give out any unnecessary personal details such as your home address.
  • If you feel unsure or threatened by someone’s behavior, stop contacting with them immediately. Visit their profiles and use the block button to prevent any further contact.