Women’s Bedroom Beef With Men

Women’s Bedroom Beef With Men

Women’s Number One Complaint in the Bedroom

Men are different than women. Everybody knows this. But what makes men and women different in bed?

And more to the point: What do women really want in bed?
While every  woman’s body is wired differently, there are some common preferences and male sexual performance complaints among many women.

Of course the following is generalized, and may not apply to all women… but it does apply to the majority of women, the majority of the time.

Ladies Beef With Guys Sexual Attitude

Ask almost any woman her number-one beef about her sex life and she’ll tell you: It’s guy’s attitude toward a sexual encounter.

Fine, but you’re not going to get a lot of action if you don’t give her what she wants. And it’ll be way hotter if you do.
Here’s what women actually want:

  • Sometimes women want touch that does not lead to sex.
  • Sometimes women want good sex –without penetration.
  • Oftentimes women don’t want sex to be over after you ejaculate.

While men are very goal oriented, women tend to be more experience oriented. With men, the common goal with sexual performance (whether alone or with a partner) is orgasm and ejaculation, and with a partner the goal also includes a stiff penetration.

Not tonight, honey…

Most women have said — and most men have heard — a variation of, ” Not tonight, dear, [insert excuse here].”

Sometimes this results from a difference of what each person wants and what they think the other person wants.
The common pattern of sex is:

Foreplay — Penetration — Male Orgasm — End

Often, men will rush into sex with the intention of penetration. Following the same pattern can get mechanical and boring — especially for a woman.

Sex can be VERY enjoyable even without penetration. And guys, sex doesn’t have to be over after you “finish.”

The Secrets of Better Sex… and MORE Sex!

Understand the needs of your woman. Enjoy the pleasure of touch without sex. Start touching her without expecting or initiating sex. Involve many parts of her body. Rub her shoulders, hold her hand, put your arm around her.

It will pay off later when she wants you. She may even begin to initiate sex more.

Touch her all over. Whether during sexual or non-sexual touch, remember that the skin is the largest sex organ.

Women enjoy and get turned on by more than just their breasts and genitals.

Start exploring some of her special places. Where does she enjoy touch?

Could it be her neck, her back, the insides of her thighs, behind her knees, the insides of her elbows?

Where does she like a feather touch; where does she like a firm touch; where does she like a hot kiss?

Learn her body language; learn her sounds. Find out what she likes and when.

Change things up a bit. Adventure keeps things fresh and exciting. Try taking penetration off the menu every once in a while. Communicate this to her beforehand. Tell her that you want to focus on her pleasure.

When you do have intercourse, and when you do ejaculate, save enough energy to offer her more.

Whether she wants another orgasm or just a cuddle, give her some positive closure before rolling over and going to sleep.

That way, she’ll want to repeat the whole experience again and again…