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    Erectile dysfunction fellowWhat are the causes of impotence/erectile dysfunction in men?-robert
    I feel sometimes erectile dysfunction whenever I do sex sometimes during putting on condoms my penis loses erection and goes down weak and hanging flaccid.

    Impotence problem man After drinking beers, have problems maintaining penile erections harry (1)
    Even drinking a couple of beers before sex can be a impotence problem and ruin your orgasms. Up to 80 percent of men who drink beers heavily are believed to have serious sexual side effects, including impotence...

    Sexual abilities man Impotence problems - Is it hernia in testicles scrotum? - young(1)
    Ever since the hernia and after the sugery, I noticed my sexual abilities have been limited, seemed to be weaker and far between.

    Penile implant man Penile implant for penis erectile function, compare experiences! - niner(0)
    I would like to hear from any men, straight, bi or gay, who have had a penile inflatable implant surgery for a erectile dysfunction treatment.

    Penile enlargement surgery man Had penile enlargement surgery, Now impotence problems! - Terry H.(0)
    Have any of you men suffered penis erection difficulty problems that you think are caused by surgery complications.

    Vasectomy surgery manDoes a Vasectomy sterilization procedure cause impotence? - glenn(3) Do you loose your libido or erectile ability to have or enjoy stimulation sensation and orgasm for sexual intercourse?

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    Viagra side effects guyED Problem! Any news about blindness taking Viagra.lloyd
    My dr. gives viagra 100mg pills to me but iam afraid to take it cause of what ive read about it causing blindness.

    lads semen smell Smell of ejaculation semen fluid is it abnormal or just normal - andy (2)
    Mine smells sort of like a mild bleach sort of smell and i would hate to think that if a girl would smell a lads abnormal odor.

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    fellows small girth size Very worried about small girth size of my penis when erected - teen
    Basically I would like to know whether my penis width size is normal or not. And does size matter to girl?

    increase volume amount manNeed to increase volume amount of cum ejaculating semen fluid - Anon (1)
    Can you get things called volumizers that will actually increase your sperm ejaculation fluid load and to shoot further?

    Weight lifting male Using steroids for building muscles, loosing interest in women - Mike
    Used performance enhancing drugs (Anabolic steroids) 6 weeks ago under professional training. Now I'm losing lack of intrest in women all together.

    love making techniques girl Need female love making techniques, kissing & experiences! - New
    I need help for love making techniques, kissing stuff, experiences, advice and insight into the male mind.

    Penis venus leakage condition man Penis venus leakage condition causing impotence. Need information! Cate
    How to deal with this ED impotence condition. What methods, cures solutions and treatment therapy are best.

    Viagra order guy How do I Order Viagra Online? Need Prices With Shipping Costs-salim
    About a year ago I started experiencing ED impotence. It got so severe that i feel like 99% impotent all the time.

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  • Viagra for a woman? Will it amplify libido drives, desires, arousal?-lisa(3)

  • Need sexual intercourse or oral stimulation for my orgasms!-tina(1)

  • Men's sexual health issues,impotence, diseases and conditions topics

  • No orgasms when pre-ejaculatory semen fluid (precum) comes out-jared(1)

  • Can only ejaculate, climax and orgasm with a new women. - Kyle (1)

  • Cheating relationships mistakes with the person we love - Dee (1)

  • Continuing in a relationship of intimacies that were shattered - Jasmin (1)

  • His penile size is literally the smallest penis I have ever seen - melody(1)

  • Premature ejaculation, orgasm. Will Viagra effect staying power?-Maddog

  • Premature ejackulating, minute man syndrome problem, can't last! - RON (3)

  • How do i feel a girl/female up so she likes it! Need Advice - help (3)

  • I get to a climax but, can't orgasm to ejaculation - Max (3)

  • Sexual scenarios visual mental pictures, still I do not get erection. - roger
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  • Unable to Orgasm or ejaculate. Lots of stress in one's life? - Darren (6)

  • What is average penis size? Do Penile enlargement pills work?-Christian

  • Retared ejaculation, 2 information links for this male climax disorder - (0)

  • Anyone know of prescription drug alternatives to Viagra? - John(2)

  • Why can't I cum during oral sex? The "69" position cure! - Shawn (2)

  • Can eating/drinking diet & exercises make a bigger penis? - jon (2)

  • Boyfriend not interested. I'm frustrated,cant live without IT-Chantal

  • Sexual addiction recovery help and support forum - Secret addiction(3)

  • No masterbation or sex. Little cum volume shoots out.-Angel(2)

  • Retarded Ejaculation, sex therapist suggest SF Therapy-JimC(12)

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