Fear Difficulty Putting On Condoms
"Erection Goes Down Soft, Weak, Limp and Hanging "

Penis limp, soft difficulty with condom Fear Penis limp, soft difficulty with condom - Posted by Young and Restless:
Recently I thought that I was unable to attain an erection in bed with a girl whom I was too anxious to be with. However in my last two sexual encounters with two different females, I found that I could maintain a rock hard erection , esp at my age 19, and keep one as long as I needed, however. as SOON as I went to get a condom or put one on. my penis would start to get limp, weak and soft...pretty much kills it.

I cant explain why my penis is so afraid of condoms, I had sex unprotected with a girlfriend of 1 1/2 years for a while and since then it seems my penis refuses to get on board and try new things only because I refuse to have unprotected sex, HOW do I overcome this erection difficulty fear :(?

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Viagra takes away the fear guy Viagra takes away the fear - Reply by: No fear
That's why you need to take Viagra, it takes away the fear. After taking viagra and you get a good erection it doesn't go down, believe me I know. I use to have the same fear. You won't have that condem phobia anymore. There's nothing like it. Once you get rock hard, erections won't go down until you ejaculate.

If you do ejaculate early, it won't be long will before you will be erect again. It will last for hours and you can do a lot in that time. All your fears will be gone, you won't be afraid and you feel like a man again.

Sexual performance anxiety guy Sexual performance anxiety - Reply by: RichT
I would suspect that you are reacting to a bit of sexual performance anxiety. I HIGHLY commend you for wanting to practice SAFE SEX and use a condom.

May I suggest that you just relax, don't be concerned about hard erection difficulty and your penis becoming a bit soft. Tell your partner that you are trying to overcome this little problem. May I suggest that you apply just a very little lubricant to the head of your penis before you try to put it on. That will greatly reduce the friction. Also, make sure your condom is one of the lubricated ones.
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Also, you may wish to consider putting a condom on your rock hard penis when you masturbate. In that way you won't feel any embarssment if it does go a bit soft. After your condom is on, then you or your partner can try stimulating your penis again to get it back to its rock hard state.

Wish you well. Relax, and enjoy practicing. Be patient with yourself and RELAX.

Penis limp, soft difficulty with condom Hard Erection Problems With Condoms - Reply by: Young and Restless
Well all the suggestions that everyone has put forth on two posts are quite good actually, but this is a situation where both of us are quite young, and despite me having sex a few hundred times things are still awkward for my new partner so asking her to do those things might maake her uncomfortable.

I did however manage to tell her that I do have a problem with condoms, and that I hope she sticks with me until things become more comfortable so that I can change her views on sex ^_^.

Treating erectile dysfunction guy Treating erectile dysfunction using condoms reasearch study - Reply by: MSH
A U.S. Research study finds that treating weak & soft erections using condoms with Viagra, Cialis or Levitra restores self-esteem, confidence, relieves depression and performance anxiety. Research shows that Viagra and other treatments for erectile dysfunction are "life-quality drugs," not just "lifestyle drugs."

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