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Male Physical Examination Fear Of Embarrassment Office Visit.
"Afraid of doctor's annual medical checkup, screening, testing"

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Avoiding screening Posted by Peter:
Like many men, I am afraid I will get a rise during my upcoming annual physical medical examination checkup. What I fear even more, however, is that I will produce leaking precum (which happens to me often in various situations and in large quantity). Any advice on how to avoid such terrible doctor's office screening visit embarrassment? Thanks.

Reluctant Male Physicals Examination Embarrassment Advice - Follow Ups:

Reluctant physicals Reply by: RichT
Peter, Have no fear! I will get a rise in a few seconds when I look at my wife's body or just touch her breasts. However, I have had many many physicals over the years and have never had a rise. I think being in a doctor's office has just the opposite effect.

Just the concern is more than enough for it to stay limp. Even when lady assistants are present I've never had a rise. Now maybe if your female doctor started to rub her breasts across your back, that just might do it. And then again that is probably what she was after. Trust me, that won't happen (though it's a nice fantasy).

Just relax, everything will be okay. I understand your concern, but not to worry.

P.S. - I'm glad you are having the exam!

Cold rooms Reply by: Dee
Rich T, as always love your feedback.
When I go for a female exam the rooms are always so cold, I mean maybe near 65 degrees or so. All I want to do is get done, get dressed and get warm. Nothing erotic about any kind of exam far I as am concerned.

Choosing a Medical Doctor Tips

. So it's important that you choose a doctor you're comfortable with in regard to their style of communication, their language, even their gender. And remember, you do have a choice about gender. When you ask for an appointment, ask if your provider is male or female, and let the office know what you prefer.

Preparing for Your physician's testing, screening office Visit

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You should know your medical, testing, screening and surgical history so you can describe it to your doctor during your visit. This includes medical conditions and disorders you have and times you've been hospitalized with dates. Surgeries you have had with dates are also important.

Bring a list of medications you take, both prescription and over the counter, including herbal meds, their names and dosages. Bring in pill bottles if you can. Any allergies to medications or foods and what kind of reaction you have had are important. Locate doctor near you.

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  • Why Men Donít Go to the Doctor
    Could it be that it has always been wives or mothers that push their husband or boys to go to the doctor and men just donít like getting pushed into anything? Or, they are embarrassed to have a physical examination in someway?

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