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"Does Jelqing Dick Enlargement Exercises Work?"

Dick isn't big enough man Dick isn't big enough - Posted by anonymous :
My wife doesn't seem to be pleased after we have sex. I think it's because my dick isn't big enough. Need how to grow bigger to increase penis size. What kind of penis enlargement augmentation exercises techniques can guys do to enlarge a dick without spending any money?

Plz give me tips for long penis.

Penile Enlarging Augmentation Risks, Treatments, Tips & Advice Follow Ups:

Jelqing exercises technique guy Jelqing exercises technique - Reply by: MSH
The Penis jelqing exercises technique is suppose to be the most common exercise method of penis enlargement and enhancement. The jelqing exercise technique consists of a "milking" motion down the dick that is supposed to gradually enlarge both penis length and circumference.

Many sites suggest that enlargement is caused by breaking down and building up the tissues of the penis just like you exercise to make you muscles larger. But there are no tissues in the penis that respond this way. The specifics of how to jelq vary widely.

Some say it won't work unless done with a full penile erection, while others warn that doing it with a full erection will cause injury.

Herbal gels and creams and sexual health products possibly don't work, and surgery, which does work, can be dangerous and leave a man disfigured or impotent. The "unproven" augmentation methods have a theoretical chance of doing some enlarging, but they also have a very real chance of doing long term and permanent harm. In the end each couple (it's her's too) must weigh the possible risks against the possible benefits.

There is now a new male enhancement stretching method that is beneficial to achieve male penis enlargement fulfilment for more self-confidence and orgasmtic pleasure.

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Penis erection problems Reply by: Chase
Don't use the Jelqing enlarging and enhancement exercises technique!!! it isn't worth it! I have a lot of experience with this technique, and it has caused me a great deal of penis erection problems!! You could be risking impotence, injury, penile numbness, a mishapen penis, etc...

Reply by: ian
i dont beleive any of the methods of penis enlargement except surgery which is dangerouse a big cock is something you either have or dont have.

Hard erects or stands big Posted by: inder
hey my penis is not firm is it dosent get hard erects or stands big properly is there any solution for it

Viagra, cialis or levitra - Reply by: tommy
Try viagra, cialis or levitra pills for firm penile erections. For the natural way, if you masturbate a lot, try stopping for a few days to build up testostrone production (that is what controls the male sexual experience). Excercise, eat a healthy diet (no junk food), don't smoke, don't drink alcohol or take drugs.

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Exercise for a long dick Posted by: hayder
i need a exercise for a long dick .. my penis is small. i i want a great big dick. please help me and tel me what i do for a good way foe me .

Surgery pills or pumps - Posted by: Anonymous 2
Hey i have two questions.
1) will p*rnos make your penis blood flow faster?
2) I do not want surgery or i dont want to use pills or vacuum pumps, so is there any enhancement exercise that can help me increase my penis size?

news article - Reply by: wong
1) Not as good as the real thing.
2) Here's a news article that you may reflect on.
DOES Exercise Penis Enlargement Augmentation Work? - Jelq, pills and surgery options

Penis Exercise Report Review CD For Men Only.

What Have You Got For Her?
penis enlargement couple picture Well, I ordered some penis enhancement patches, pills and went thru the enlargement exercises program and it went very well. She says my bigger penis size is now better for her. Why don't you give it a try! Jim & Mary

Information guide Reply by: MSH
Click for penis enlargement exercises information guide for men only
Guys penis exercises work to gently stretch the penis ligament rather than brutalizing it, slowly relaxing it to achieve natural, long-lasting penis extension. There is no need for dangerous and potentially damaging weights or surgery, especially when simple, inexpensive exercises can get you the same results, without the risk of losing penile function.

Reply by: Trailerparkvizier
I have 2 disagree with whomever says Jelqing {sp} doesn't work. I have used the method for many years, and i am happy and confident to say i'm almost 40, and I'm a shade under 9 inches erect... and i get REAL strong erections... as with ANYTHING , though, use it in moderation.. and check with your signifigcant others ,as they might NOT be as pleased as you may be lol

My dick size Posted by: philip jean
Ive been with my girlfriend for 2 years now. I Canrt figure out why she never wants to have sex and she always makes fun of my dick size. She says it does the opposite of giving her an organsm. ill be honest, while having an erection it is about 2 inches in length. im willing to try anything. im 28 please help.

Reply by been there:
Oh com'on, spend a some money for the little lady (and for yourself). Click to add inches to your penis and you'll really see a better attitude in her after she's SEES what you did for her.

P.S. Before love making, don't forget to dance for her wearing only saton boxer underware. She'll love the action!

Reply by: guy
Get a natural sexual health product and superior quality sex toys including vibrators used by women. You can even play a few naughty games to have a totally knockout sex.

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    The Jelqing exercising techniques is the most common method of penis enlargement being touted today.

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