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Peyronies: "Not Sexually Competent"
Penis Has Hooked Shape Bending At A Right Angle

Penis Has Hooked Shape Bending At A Right Angle man Penis Has Hooked Shape Bending At A Right Angle - Posted by Robert:
In the past 5-6 months my penis has changed to a hook bending shape when erect. The front 2" is almost at a right angle to the shaft and hooking inward. this curve bending shape causes sexual penetration problems, seems to create extra sensitivity not desired.

There is a thickening of some duct or stringy type tissue at the point where the hook shape bend is, as if it's not flexible enough to enable the enlargement during sexual erection. There is no sexual pain involved.

Any idea what the problem is so i may be sexually competent and how it can be fixed.?

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Peyronies Disorder Condition Information  guy Peyronies Disorder Condition Information - Reply by MSH:
The symptoms are of Peyronie's penis disease, a deformation disorder condition of uncertain cause, is characterized by a plaque, or hard lump abnormalities, that forms on the penis. The plaque develops on the upper or lower side of the penis in layers containing erectile tissue, that's the ("thickening of some duct or stringy type tissue at the point where the hook shape bend is") you wrote about.

It begins as a localized inflammation and can develop into a hardened scar.

Cases of Peyronie's penis hooking, crooked disorder disease range from mild to severe. Symptoms may develop slowly or appear overnight. In severe cases, the hardened plaque reduces flexibility, causing pain and forcing the penis to curve, bend, hook or arc during erection.

In many cases, the penis pain decreases over time, but the bend in the penis may remain a problem, making sexual intercourse difficult.

The sexual problems that result can disrupt a couple's physical and emotional relationship and lead to lowered self-esteem in the man. In a small percentage of patients with the milder form of the penis disease, inflammation may resolve without causing significant pain or permanent bending, hooking bending, or curving abnormalities. Click for Peyronie's Penile Curvature & Bending Disease Photo.

How Do You Fix Guys Peyronie's Problem? Treatments Include:

Harder Erections!

Shoot Bigger Loads

Last Longer

- Most types of grafting or Nesbit plication surgery produce positive results but, most doctors prefer to perform surgery only on the small number of men with curvature so severe that it prevents sexual intercourse.

- In some cases, a penis implant alone will straighten the penis adequately.

- Some patients may be eligible for a clinical trial that involves injecting drugs into the penis to dissolve the plaque.

- Radiation therapy, in which high-energy rays are aimed at the plaque, has also been used only to reduce any pain some men have with this disease.

- Steroids, such as cortisone, have produced unwanted side effects, such as the atrophy or death of healthy tissues.

- Some researchers have given men with Peyronie's disease vitamin E orally to correct peyronies in small-scale studies and have reported improvements.

- Some say the penis enlargement exercises can give worthwhile workouts for the penis.

- A new corrective stretching device may give beneficial results for deformed penises.

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