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Vaginal Pain Dryness during Love making hurts her"

vaginal pain problem BF vaginal pain problem - Posted by: concerned
my fiance has this vaginal pain problem. when we are making love her vagina starts to hurt her and we have to stop because it hurts her too much.

Her vagina starts to hurt her about 10-15 minutes after we start. whats wrong?

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Vaginal Sorenesss Abnormality guy Vaginal Sorenesss Abnormality during sex - Reply by: RichT
I would recommend that your fiancee see her doctor. She may have a cyst or other vaginal sorenesss abnormality that needs to be taken care of. An abnormality (growth, cyst, infection) in a woman's vagina may also cause her irritation pain and hurt during love making. I would suggest that you not have intercourse until after she has seen her doctor.

You are engaged, however I do believe you should practice SAFE SEX, and that means using a condom until you are married.

Dryness - Reply by: casto
I have the same problem vaginal dryness with my woman. thank you for answering my question.

See her doctor - Reply by: RichT
You are most welcome.I hope everything will be okay with your fiancee. She has a very wonderful guy who is concerned about her. Do encourage her to see her doctor.

Vagina Pain Problem - Reply by: concerned
thank you. i will let you know what i find out from the doctor about the sex hurting. when i take her to check the vaginal pain problem.

Wet Platinum lubricant - Reply by: RichT
Are you using Wet Platinum lubricant because it is very slippery and stays slippery for a very long time. Is your foreplay long enough so that she is very aroused and her natural lubricant is flowing well?

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Reply by: Dee
Good idea to see a doctor. It could be endotrometreosis. (I know this is a typo on my part). Or could be an UTI. See the Doc!

Diseases Reply by: concerned
could you explain those two dieases? and what damage they do, if any?

UTI Reply by: Dee
Urinary tract infection. Not a disease. In some woman discomfort is felt also felt in the vagina. Treatable with antibiotics. The other is something you should look up on the web. It is strictly a female problem. You can't catch it from her or give it to her as I understand. I really can't explain it that well. It is a condition some women experience.

But left untreated in can just keep getting worse and at times interfere with having a baby if it gets that advanced. But I do know irritation soreness, pain that hurts during intercourse is one of the symptoms. Get your chick to an MD pronto to see what her problem is.

Vaginitis Dry Irritation and Soreness Pain Reply by MSH
One in two women will experience vaginal dryness (Atrophic Vaginitis). Atrophic Vaginitis is when the vagina becomes inflamed and dry. It occurs during different phases of the menstrual cycle, and menopause.

It can be distressing and embarrassing and many women donít seek medical help putting it down to the menopause and aging. HRT is an effective treatment but there are many holistic options if you donít want to go down that route. Atrophic Vaginitis is when the vagina becomes inflamed and dry. It occurs during different phases of the menstrual cycle, and menopause.

If a fellow is fairly large (over 7" in length and fairly large in circumference, and the female partner has an average or smaller vagina, then the lady will most likely feel pain. The fellow must learn to go slow, use a lubricant>, and only be active as feels comfortable. for the lady.
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Some more information about intercourse irritation and soreness pain.

Some females bleed if their hymen has not yet been stretched open, and others don't.

Stretching the hymen open for several weeks before starting intercourse by putting a clean finger into the vagina and gently pushing it from side to side will help prepare it for intercourse. Having anxiety about sex may also make sex more painful and may be your body's way of telling you "I'm not ready" or "I don't want to have sex with this person."

Reply by: Amy
It hurts a little for the first few times but when your in love the pleasure takes over. I found it to be painful after intercource. Also, I was divorced and alone for 8 years when i first started going out with my recent husband it was just like the first time again untill i got used to it. I guess the saying, "If you don't use it you loose it." is partially true.

Women Lubrication
Reply by: hank
Most women have pain the first time--medical fact. But most women also enjoy their first time anyway, unless they are very young.

Reply by: barbara
My first Time didn't hurt, I hurt after that... LOL

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