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likes sperm fluid to shoot out man Semen load shooting problem - Posted by Tails81:
Hi, i used to have really good orgasms until recently. I regularly have sex and self-stimulate and now days when i go to orgasm instead of semen volume load shooting out like it used to, i get a huge build up in the end of my penis and then the seminal fluid just dribbles out. Can anyone please help me or give advice for ejaculation problem?

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Quantity of semen/ejaculate produced advice man Quantity of semen/ejaculate produced advice Reply by: RichT(1)
Tails, If you were older than 21, say 40, then I would have said not to worry, but at 21 I must say I'm a bit surprised. What I suspect is two-fold. First cause, you aren't 19 you are 21, and second you "regularly have sex and self-stimulate". Yes, there is that "use it or lose it", but on the other hand there is just so much sperm/ejaculate that your body makes. The more frequently you ejaculate, the less will be the quantity of semen/ejaculate produced, and hence seminal sperm fluid may not "shoot" out as much.

Mmmy semen load shooting treatment, I suggest that you not do your hand job for 2 weeks or have sex for two weeks. Then do yourself when your libido is really high and see what happens. Hopefully you will be back to being a "shooter".

The question of course is (even if waiting 2 weeks produces the "effect" you wish) is - is it worth it?

likes sperm fluid to shoot out man She likes sperm fluid to shoot out Reply by: Tails (0)
Thanks, i think i'll give your idea a try, although it may be tough to carry out because my girlfriend will be very unhappy with that. I think she may go along with it though. I'll have to keep a eye on her so she doesn't stray away, because she really likes the semen fluid to shoot out. I'll let you all know what happens.

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