Semen Cum Volume Load Doesn't Shoot

"Weak Ejaculate Semen Volume Amount Doesn't Shoot"

Seminal fluid doesn't shoot out in a stream Seminal fluid doesn't shoot out in a stream - Posted by needhelp
Hey guys since i remember whenever I masterbate and ejaculate my semen cum load when I orgasm, the weak seminal fluid doesn't shoot out in a stream. rather the sperm carrier fluid just runs out and down? Is this a problem?

How can I learn to shoot bigger volume loads, and increase stronger, longer cum bursts. And will this affect my fertility child producing abilities later on?

Pumping Out Loads, Increase stronger longer bursts Tips - Follow Ups:

Volumes just runs out tips guy Shoots out stronger and longer volumes or just runs out tips - Reply by: RichT
Hello Need help,
No worries as the Aussies say. There is no "this is the way it must be" cum load issue. Our bodies are are all a little different. The important thing is that you can and do ejaculate a cum load. Whether or not its pumping out stronger and longer volume loads or just runs out and down makes no difference. And no, it will have no effect on your ability to have children later on. Having a million or so sperm in your ejaculate fluid will enable one of them to swim upstream and fertilize an egg.

The most common causes of little semen volume are low testosterone levels, frequent sexual activity, nutritional deficiencies or injury to the testicles. Also Tight clothing, heat, or infection may also affect the normal production of semen and sperm levels.

If you still have concerns (which you shouldn't in my opinion), then talk to your doctor.
You are fine, you really are.

Semen flows down when i cum doesn't shoot

  • Re: Re: Semen flows down when i cum doesn't shoot renman(0)
    BS! Pumping out cum loads DOES matter. Ever heard of emotion, gender self-image, etc.? Technically, yes, everythings fine, BUT I know more than one woman who loves to see the "squirt" and many of them tie it to virility, strength, youth, power of them getting you off, etc. Is this correct?

    Answer: YES!!!!! Why? Because they think it is correct. Yes, perception IS reality. So... stop dismissing guys who want to learn, if possible, to "come like a p*rn star". There is a COMPLETELY VALID reason for them wanting to pumping out volumes of cum loads when you have orgasms.

    Aphrodisiac herbal semen boosters remedies guy Aphrodisiac herbal semen boosters remedies Reply by: don
    Eating more cold water fish or taking fish oil supplements which is high in DHA could potentially help with intensity and shooting power of your ejaculations. Or, using aphrodisiac herbal boosters remedies such as semenax with L-ARGININE HCL unload with impressive volume.
    I've heard that the p*rn stars eat raw eggs to get extra shooting power. But your going to have a real big mess if your masturbating.:-)

    Hypospermia Condition Defined - Reply by: MSH
    When a man has an unusually low ejaculate (or semen) volume load, it is called a Hypospermia condition.

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