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Extra Extended Uncircumsized Foreskin Too Long On End Of Uncut Penis

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    Posted by anonymous:
    In the last year i have noticed extra extended foreskin on the end of my uncircumsized penis, it is too long, so is their any way to get ride of the uncut forskin?

    Foreskin Problem, Information, Medical Advice Video - Follow Ups:

    Reply by: JIm
    Some men are indeed endowed with extra extended foreskin tissue that is too long on end of a uncut penis, and occasionally this can be a problem with normal sexual function.

    Have a doctor examine you, he may suggest a circumcision operation which can easily be arranged whereby all your extended foreskin problem would be solved.

    Too Long Extra Extended foreskin - Posted by: RichT
    Hello Chris, I really don't think you have anything to worry about. You are 17, and most likely your penis will still grow in the next few years. That in itself may take care of the "extra skin" that you talk about.

    When my penis is flaccid, my foreskin extends about 1/4" beyond the tip of my penis. It has not caused me any problems at all.

    If you would like, do see your doctor and get his advice regarding the foreskin of your penis.

    One question - When your penis is very hard, does the foreskin pull back easily so that the head of the penis is fully exposed?

    Posted by: Chris
    when hard, the skin pulls back and streches out and yes the head is fully exposed then.

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    Male Penile Foreskin Circumcision Quiz

    Topic: How common is foreskin circumcision in the USA?
    Circumcision is a surgical procedure that involves partial or complete removal of the foreskin (prepuce) of the penis.

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    "Have you had penile foreskin circumcision?"
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