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What's The Best, Easiest & Different Ways To Masterbate Penis?

Masturbation guy In Reply to: Re: Whats the easiest way to masterbate my penis
Sexual Solitaire Performed To Achieve Solo Ecstasy - Posted by: adam
It has been called spanking the monkey, jerking & jacking off, pulling the rope, playing the skin flute, spanking the salami, the five knuckle grip shuffle and even a hand sandwich. It has been blamed for blindness, hairy palms and perversion, among other things.

It is male penile masturbation. And for many it has become more than just a teenage boy's rite of passage; it has become a sort of art form that can be performed in countless ways to achieve solo ecstasy.

If you are a guy who has used the same basic palm-to-the-sky, hand-wrapped-around-the-penis "jack-off" grip ever since your penis masturbating days began, you ain't seen - or felt - nothing yet.

Not only is there a number of different masturbation strokes, best and easiest sliding techniques ways for guys to choose from, but you can also incorporate objects and even toys into your handjob game of sexual solitaire.
Many of the more creative grips derive from the basic ones, so here is a brief description of the four most common hand positions:

How To Grips, Positions, Methods and Guys Stroking Techniques Advice

Making The Fist, Best and Easiest Way man Making The Fist, Best and Easiest Way- It is usually done when you are lying down and your erect penis is resting against your stomach. Then you simply reach down with one hand, wrap your fingers around your penis much like you're making a fist and rub or slide your hand up and down the length of your penis.

The Four-Finger Sliding Stroking Routine -

In this position, you also lay down, but you grab your penis with one hand at an angle. Place your thumb on the underside of your penis and your four fingers on top of the shaft. Then move and slide your hand up and down.

The One-Finger Facts -

This grip is best for a guy who has a smaller than average penis. Knowing how sensitive men are about their members, this will be described in the third, rather than second, person.

In a lying position, the guy places his thumb underneath the shaft of his penis and his index finger on top. It is the same type of grip used to hold a pencil (no offense, guys). Then the guy just slides his finger and thumb up and down the shaft.

The Backhand Grip Procedure

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It isn't just for tennis anymore. This is a little awkward, different but effective. This grip is sort of a reverse fist. Lying down, grab your penis with your thumb pointing down, toward your balls instead of toward your stomach. Your four fingers are still wrapped around your penis in a fist, but they are rotated more to the side than to the top of the shaft. It is as if you are trying to pull your penis toward you. Now that you have the basics mastered (pardon the pun), you can move on to more creative maneuvers. For most, if not all, of these you will need some Wet Platinum lubricant, depending on your personal comfort level and protects against penis injury.

The Rubbing Advice

- The easiest. Ever think of not using your hands at all while masturbating? This stroking technique keeps you hands-free while giving you direct and intense penile stimulation. Simply lay on your stomach and rub your body and penis against your bed or couch. Ejaculating this way is going to be messy, so you may want to put a towel down first. But the position is great for simulating actual sexual intercourse.

Kneeling Position Tricks -

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Kneel as if you are going to pray (how ironic). Now lean back onto your heels. From this position, grab your penis and use whatever basic grip you choose to stroke your shaft while using your other hand to stimulate your balls.

Pumping Motion Tips

- Wrap one hand over the top of your penis and the other hand around the bottom of your penis. Then use a pumping motion instead of stroking.

Vibrators Stimulation Approach for Orgasmic Pleasure

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- Yes! Men can use them, too! Stimulate your entire penis with a vibrator by sliding it along your shaft or use one to stimulate your anus while you stroke your penis. Also check out masturbation vibrators for the penis.

If you're a beginner and you are not comfortable with trying the more creative techniques, start with the eastiest basics and work your way up. But if you're an old hand at masterbating, why not try one or more of these inventive maneuvers to spice up your solo sex life a bit?

The more you change your routine, the more likely you will be to start using your imagination and making up different techniques for orgasmic pleasure.
Not only will masterbation be more satisfying for you, sex with your partner will probably benefit from your newfound skills.

External genital reproductive organ Posted By: Cool kat
I have found That if you put thumb underneath The shaft of your penis then 2 fingers on top then slide up and Down your external genital reproductive organ.

Saliva rub Posted by: john - email:
Put saliva on your penis and rub it all over it, you will cum so fast.

Ring around penis Posted by: guest
I think its easier to make a ring around your penis and move it forward and back while it tickles. You do it till the cloudy liquid comes out.

Conditioner cream lubricant Posted by: anon
i use conditioner (for hair) and do it till your about to cum than stop and do this a few times, than your orgasms will be amazing.

Masturbation immoral, sinful and evil man Masterbation Is Immoral, Sinful and Evil > Posted by: Bill Swanson
You people disqust me! It is immoral to pleasure your self like this! You should all be ashamed. Masterbation is a mortal sin and evil I'll have you know!

Handsex Penile Masturbation Jerking and Jacking Off Dick Tips, Medical Follow Ups:

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