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    Men's Sexual Products

    Maturbation Tips, Methods, Techniques Posted by MSH:

    In Reply to: whats the easest ways to masterbate
    Woman masterbate to achieve orgasms through the direct rubbing or indirect stimulation of the Females clitoris, which is located at the top of the girls vagina. The clitoris is small and hidden under a kind of hood. It is much like the tip of a penis in that it is very sensitive and connected to a shaft, which cannot be seen on the outside. Click to see this female genitalia illustration. As the clitoris is rubbed and stimulated, muscles contract and spasm and you eventually experience orgasm.

    Different women masturbate in different ways. Some women find one way that works and sticks with it. Others like to experiment with several different techniques. Try some of the following. Lie down, relax, think sexy thoughts and have fun!

    The Two-Finger Approach Method

    Begin rubbing your clitoris with your fingers (most women prefer their index and middle fingers on one hand). You can rub the hood over the clitoris or lift the hood and rub the clitoris directly. You may find it irritating or painful to directly stimulate the clitoris -- it just depends on your level of sensitivity. Experiment with different strokes, pressure and speed to find out what feels best.

    Also you'll get immediately increased sensations with a stimulating cream that would be beneficial for intense screaming orgasms.And, Don't forget the new Female Viagra that will get a women in the mood.

    As you become excited your vagina will become lubricated. Using vaginal juice on your fingers as you continue to rub your clitoris will allow for easier stimulation. Keep rubbing until you begin to feel your muscles tighten. You are on your way to an orgasm. You may want to stimulate yourself further by massaging your breasts or playing with your nipples.

    Stimulation Vibrators

    Vibrators are a popular way to achieve an intense orgasms. Depending on how sensitive you are, you may want to position the vibrator above your clitoris, over the hood, and not directly on the clitoris.

    These devices can give off some pretty strong vibrations, so you should be able to have a very pleasurable orgasm with indirect stimulation.

    Squeeze Play Technique

    This is an intriguing technique because it can really be done anywhere, even while you're fully clothed! Simply squeeze your thigh muscles together and then release, repeating continuously until you achieve orgasm. It may help to cross your legs at the knees for more control. If you do this in public, just make sure you don't scream out in ecstasy!

    In the Shower Tip

    Turn on the shower head with a comfortable water temperature (warm is usually best) and pressure. Lie down in the bathtub so that your clitoris is in direct contact with the water flow (or, if possible, remove the shower head and point it directly at your clitoris -- this can even be done while standing).

    If lying down, you will probably need to separate and lift your legs to get the right position. Let the water flow on your clitoris as you run your hands over your wet body. You'll get there in no time!

    These are just a few of the many possible techniques you can use to achieve the ultimate orgasm. Of course, the best orgasms are those that you have with your partner. If you think your mate would be upset or uncomfortable with your masterbation, do it privately. Your partner will only reap the benefits of your new skills the next time you're together!

    Posted by anonymous: whats the easest wasy to masterbate
    i tried sticking things up my pussy! it nice try a toothbrush! (not the bristle side)

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    In Reply to: Re: whats the easest wasy to masterbate posted by mimi:
    That's all you do is just shuv a toothbrush up in u and that's how you masterbate?

    Posted by: velvetclit
    I find it easier to get off if I put a finger or two in my ass...

    Posted by: Sayuri
    Wow... I never knew there was so many ways... normlay I'm just on my hands and knees and one hand is stimulting the clitoris and after I'm nice n` wet I start to rub and finger me self...

    Posted by: jeni
    how can i get REALI horny just in my bedroom nothing to use

    Reply by: van
    Try sucking on your finger and fantisizing it is a male reproductve organ. or invite me over.

    Use squash Posted by: JJ
    I love to use squash and a toothbrush works great.

    Humpin Posted by: ct
    i rub my tits then use my phone to vibrate put a pillow between my legs and start start humpin faster and faster its incredible if done right.

    Posted by: yeah
    why dont you all just invest in a vibrator!! it gets the job done and feels real good! You dont have to worrie about pillows and toothbrushs! lol....thats crazy!

    My vibrator Reply by: jackie
    i get my vibrator rub my clit with it, use my other hand to play with my tits.. then work away my pussy is satisfied and so am i.

    Posted by: babby
    I just take a mechanical tooth brush and put it on my clit and it feels sooo good! 0o the shower thing works 2!

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    Tooth brush Posted by: sabrina
    i just tried masterbation for the first time OMG!! it felt soo good :)....what i did is took some peoples advice and i tried a tooth brush and a tampon also my fingers to see what felt best...i rubbed my clit and stuck two of my fingers in and out of my pussy and it really worked :) TRY IT!!!

    First Experiences Stimulating Female Clitoris For Sexual Pleasure
    I was wondering if any one would like to help me out by telling me the "how to" & the do's and don't of stimulating girls or women's clitoris, vagina,urethra genitalia showing in the picture illustration..

    Masturbation fooling around fingering and cunnilingus stories
    There were a few times when we all masturbated in the same room.

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