"Over masturbate too much will you go blind?"

Too much over-masterbating Too much over-masterbating Posted by anonymous:
I was told if you masturbate too much you will go blind. Is that true about over-masterbating?

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Relieves stress Reply by: jd
Go for it dude there is nothing wrong with it and it relieves stress. But Don't let it becomae a complusive addiction. be sure to use a lubricant to guard against injury.

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Don't do it Reply by: Sweety
Not true. I did it for 25 years and nothing happened. It is normal and healthy, but not really part of God's plan. If you are masturbating, try getting a bible concordance and reading all the things God says about sex... what I finally realized after reading the Song of Songs is that God has such an incredible plan for married sex... its like eating a twinkie and spoiling your appetite instead of holding out for the Death by Chocolate after dinner.

I think because I masterbated, I don't need my husband as much and it effects our marriage. So I don't do it anymore, and now I'm sitting here just waiting for him to come home!

Healthy sexual activity Doc Healthy sexual activity Reply by: Dr. Brown
Biologically speaking, masturbation is as right and normal as sneezing, coughing, laughing, and yawning. Masturbation is definitely a healthy sexual activity. It is one way for you to enjoy your own body, and to give yourself sexual pleasure. It can also tune you in to your own sexual likes and dislikes. You then have the choice of sharing that information with a sexual partner to enhance a sexual relationship

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