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    Posted by nate:
    Any penis venous leakage problem information about how to deal with this ED impotence condition/what methods, cures solutions and erectile dysfunction treatment therapy are best, would be much appreciated.

    Venous Leakage Vascular Diseases Follow Ups:

    Soft, weak or limp penis erection Reply by: VL
    Penile venous leakage vascular diseases restrict blood flow to the penis. Vascular diseases may be responsible for causing Erectile Dysfunction in as much as 50% to 70% of men who develop the ED condition. The rigidity of an penis erection is more of a function of blood flow.

    Healthy arteries will facilitate an inflow of blood in response to the dilation or opening of the channels. This flow rapidly increases in response to appropriate genital stimulation either through natural arousal or artificial penile stimulation by Viagra Cialis Levitra or other erectile dysfuntion medication treatmants.

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    An inadequate blockage to either natural or drug stimulation suggests good arterial filling but failure to trap blood within the erectile tissue. Veins, which drain the erectile spaces, may leak inappropriately and a soft, weak or limp erectile response, or a rapid loss of erection is often the result. This failure of the veno-occlusive mechanism lets the pressure out, and is the single most common cause of impotence.

    It may co-exist with poor arterial inflow, hormone abnormalities or both.

  • hormone replacement

  • arterial stimulation by drug for flow deficiency

  • Penile constriction band (cock ring, penis ring)

  • surgical correction by arterial and/or venous surgery

  • artificial penile implantation of device of choice

  • Venous ligation is a relatively minor procedure, highly successful with little risk, done in a day surgery setting. This method is a acceptable treatment solution as it results in improved natural penile erectile response. Offering a success rate approaching 90% with little surgical trauma, this procedure offers a beneficial option.

    Erectile dysfunction that responds well to impotence drug medication is usually related to psychological issues rather than arterial blood flow. When the response to either natural or stimulated arousal results in a soft, weak or limp penis erection, or one which is quickly lost, this losing a penis erection problem is more likely to be venous.
    Click here for a urology doctor near you in the USA for Penile venous leakage vascular disease treatment solutions

  • Re: Re: VENOUS LEAKAGE - anyone know anything about it? Cate (0)
    Interesting comments. However, I have already researched it a lot myself and venous ligation surgery is never described as 'highly successful with little risk'. In fact the original thought was that it would be a fairly simple procedure and it actually turned out that it was a lot less successful that anticipated. The cost enormous and it can cause more problems in some cases. Is there anyone out there who has personally dealt with a venous leak? I don't want rehashed, bad internet info or someone trying to sell something! However, anyone who REALLY knows what I'm talking about I would love to hear from.

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    > Viagra Cialis Levitra

    Reply by: david
    Note that drugs like Viagra or Cialis do NOT provide 'penile stimulation'. Even when taking these drugs you will be as limp and hanging as a dishrag UNTIL you get stimulated by your partner for a boner. The good news is that even when you take something like Cialis (good for 24-36 hours) you don't have to worry about getting an erection at an embarrassing moment like during a business meeting (unless maybe you work in the porno business!).

    On the other hand, penile injections treatments WILL make you hard as soon as you take them (and I'm presuming that you don't take them during a business meeting). Penile injections are used during some surgeries, and can make an unconscious man get erect.

    If you have a venous leak problem neither pills nor injections will be fully effective. Look into a "penis ring" or an ACTIS device (both are penile constriction bands) to keep the blood from flowing OUT while the drugs are making the blood flow IN.

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  • Diagnosed Penile Venous Leakage problem experiences - Posted by: Cate
  • My boyfriend is 29 years old and has been diagnosed with penile venous leakage.
  • Penile venous leakage symptoms. Ordered Cialis for erections! - GD(0)
    I'm 26 and i can't understand why i have trouble getting and sustaining a good penis erection.
  • Venous Leakage Causing Impotence. Penis Ligation Surgery ...
    Any penis venous leakage problem information about how to deal with this impotence condition/what methods and treatment therapy are best would be much ...
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