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Too Much Masturbation girl Too Much Masturbation - Posted by dznet:
My husband masturbates every single morning in the shower. I only know this because I see him doing it (he doesn't know, though). Is this normal? I know there is no real way to define 'normal'. But is he doing this because he's not getting enough from me? I'm beginning to feel inadequate as a woman.

If I manually with lubricantion or orally stimulated him every morning before his shower and he achieves orgasm, will he still be prone to masturbate immediately afterwards in the shower? I don't want to 'take his masterbation time away from him', I just want to be assured that he's not doing it because of something I'm not doing. Am I being overly-paranoid? I want him to be happy--please, no stupid responses, this is a sincere and true compusive addiction question and I only want serious responses.Thank You

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Jerked off man Jerked off Reply by: bwells
i'm divorced now, but when i was married we had an awesome sex life. We never had any problems in that department. At least 5 or 6 times a week. But I still jerked off EVERY DAY, usually in the shower. Trust me, it wasn't because of anything my wife was or wasn't doing. I think it's just a guy thing. And some guys do it more than others.

I know some guys that do it a couple times a day on top of a healthy sex life. (Where do they find the time?) I wouldn't really worry about it. I think that most men still want to masturbate even when they have an active sex life. But I can't imagine him turning down oral sex before his shower!!!! Just don't expect him to stop. There is nothing better than a quick jerk off altough it may be a compusive addiction disorder problem.

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