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"Don't Know How to do Masterbating The Male Penis"

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Masterbate Question Posted By: I.D.
I'm a young male and I don't know how to do masterbating (handjob, jacking off, stroking, jerking Off, wanking) the genital reproductive organ (penis) effectivly for sexual pleasure, and shooting hugh cum load enjoyment! HELP!!!

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Get your penis erection In ReplyHow do you masterbate? Beginners
With your limp hanging male genital reproductive organ exposed, get your penis erection by physical and/or mental stimulation. First you must have visual media (pictures, movies etc..) in place or a mental sensual picture in your mind to help in the physical penile masturbation self-stimulation process.

Start to masterbate your penis by rubbing, fondling, and pulling the head of your genitalia male reproductive organ with your hand.

Once the penis is erect, use a bit of lubricant (or saliva/spit), place your hand around the penis erection, and stroke up and down (hand job,wanking) along the extended penile shaft.

Change/switch your hands when your hand gets tired of jacking off.

You can start out with a slow up and down handjob stroking motion then, when you start getting a sexual sensation, increase rubbing and intensify the strokes to a rapid fast wanking movement until orgasm (climax) and ejaculation (cum) of semenal fluid. Now clean up the masturbation aftermat mess!:-)

With your hand, encircle the head of the penis with each stroke. This handjob sexual self-stimulation is often combined with massaging or holding one's testicles.

i love jacking off im 85. /=0

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Water under balls Posted by: anon
do anything that feels good I put a cup of warm water under my balls it feels great.

How Do You Masterbate? Penile Stroking Tricks, Techniques and Tips

Remember, there is no wrong or right way to masturbate, just keep in mind these tips.

  • If you want the sexual sensation to last longer, make an "OK" sign with your thumb and index finger while stroking up and down the penis head.
  • It's best to cut you finger nails when you are jacking off yourjunk.
  • Use oil-base lubricants. Try any of these other lubricants: Wet Platinum, Vaseline (petroleum jelly - not Vaseline Intensive Care hand lotion), Baby Oil Gel lubricant (with Aloe and Vitamin E), Albolene (which can be found at the drug store in some parts of the U.S.), Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E in a plastic jar (don't use the tube form). Or, spit saliva on your clean hands.
  • You should use a moderate grip only when you masturbate for self gratification . If you squeeze too hard you could cause injury, bruising and or rupturing of superficial blood vessels on and near the surface of your penis.
  • Always wash your penis throughly before and after wanking yourself. Good hygiene is important to guard against infection and disease.
  • Masterbation Junk Posted by: Bill Swanson
    You people disqust me! It is immoral to pleasure your self like this! You should all be ashamed. Masterbation is a mortal sin I'll have you know!

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    Masterbate Junk Reply by: heywood
    Bill Swanson, how DARE you impose ur beliefs on others shut ur mouth and keep ur self to urself if u dont like this idea why are u reading such materials?

    Masterbate Junk Reply by: Jane Doe
    Masterbating Junk is gross - Bill Swanson is right, you are all going to offend the Lord and probably go to'll probably end up masterbating for all eternity - then how would you feel? I guess if you had to masturbate your hard cocks into eternity you'd come to feel that masturbating (and rubbing like, um...stroking your friends) that masterbating, is evil.

    Anyway, if you believe in the Lord, you'd put your cocks down and start reading something innocent like the Bible (just skip the parts where fornicator are being spoken about)...

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    Helps prevent cancer Reply by: Dr Smith
    there is no rights and wrongs to masturbating. Everyone has different opinions,however I'm a christian and i still masturbate, there is nothing wrong with it, the bible does not say u cannot masturbate. furthermore it is proven that masturbating helps prevent u from cancer.

    Real story Reply by: none-of-your-business
    @ Jane Doe and Bill Swanson: Go to this sight. This may show you the christians real story -->

    Cookies and eggs Reply by: YRAGsurvivor
    I've never jerk off before and I think eating cookies is a safer alternative to the possible injury that it might cause. I really like cookies, and eggs! =D

    Tingly feeling Post by: Thoma - email:
    after i erect i allways get a tingly feeling in my penis and cant touch it without flinching is this normal.

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    Pinched nerve injury Reply by:jim
    Looks like you may have injuried your penis. Maybe a pinched nerve. Stop masturbating and see a doc.

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