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Females Squirt Question:
"Do Women Shoot Fluid From clitoris When Orgasms?"
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g-spot guy Women squirt shoot or ejaculate fluid - Posted by: roobali
I got some questions here and I am very sorry to ask!
I have heard that women squirt, shoot or ejaculate fluid from clitoris or vagina when they reach to the point of orgasm.

My questions therefore are:
1) What is the color and the density of that liquid squirt fluid ?
2) Does the squirt fluid come out the same way as when the sperm or the semen comes out from the penis?
3) What?s the difference between this squirt liquid and the vaginal liquid secretion when the female feels excited sexually or it is the same?!
S orry for asking but I really need answers.

Ladies Secretion Leaks From Vagina Erogenous Zone Advice Information Follow Ups:

Lady squirts & leaks out guy Lady squirts & leaks out - Reply by: Mikey (0)
Dude! Not all ladies squirts when she comes! Only a few lady's have this ability. I can tell you that the squirt fluid is colorless, odorless, and has the same consistincy as water, but a little bit more viscous. And yes, it comes out alot like a man's, sometimes it squirts and sometimes it just leaks out. As for the third question, I'm not really sure. Usually a so-called 'g-spot' (Erogenous Zone) orgasm produces these results(I've done it to my wife a few times). And like I said, most women either cant or dont know how.

Liquid natual lubrication guy Liquid natual lubrication Reply by: RichT
On to question No. 3. The liquid from a female ejaculation and her natual lubrication are indeed different. A woman's natural lubricate is secreted from her vagina and as you know is a slightly viscous liquid. The liquid from a female ejaculation comes from the urethra, not the vagina. Sometimes women have the feeling that they are going to urinate during stimulation, however, this is not the case, it is just that they are about to experience a female ejaculation.

I would suggest that you search the internet for more detailed information regarding the female ejaculation.

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womens orgasms
Squirts or spits out Reply by: RichT
First, don't apologize for asking questions. Asking questions is the best way to gain knowledge and shows an interest in whatever the subject may be.
"I have heard that women squirt or spits out when they reach to the point of orgasm." Only a realatively small number of women seem to be able to squirt/ejaculate. Most women do not ejaculate when they have an orgasm. It is my understanding that for most women that do ejaculate, most only do so with stimulation of the G-spot.

(1) My wife does not ejaculate, but from what I have read the color is either clear, or a very light whitish color and is about the "density" of water. NO, it is NOT urine. (2) For some women their ejaculate does "squirt" out, and for others it seems to be more of just a flow of liquid. I'm sure it varies for each ejaculation with the same woman.
I'll get to your last question later. Have a good day.

Female ejects Posted by anon:
how do you know whether or not a female can ejects and will she ever ?

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Expelled fluid Reply by: bob
Theories regarding the nature of female ejaculation are inconclusive. There are few articles published in medical journals dealing with this topic and most have no serious data about the origin or composition of the fluid expelled. To further complicate matters, the little data available is inconsistent.

Female semen cum Posted by anon - email: a_akbar89@yahoo.in
women cum out like a man? and if they cum out what is tha colur of female semen?

Doesn't shoot far Reply by: jim
The ones that do, (doesn't shoot far like a man) cum is much like the consistency of water, is clear in color (no sperm in cum).

White cream hot soaker Reply by: anon
It is cloudy almost clear. oderless fluid i have seen it quiet a bit i used to have a girlfreind what would squirt like crazy. when u really got going it was really hot.. it made sex wicked wet. thus said before being a lubricant. it would like just come out like a super soaker. my new gf tho when she come its like white cream almost its weird. rather have sheet soaking then the whit kind .

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Liquid natual lubrication guy Am a female & mine shoots out Reply by: Nicky - email: kirstie.tapp@yahoo.com
I am a female and I can tell you that not many women can "squirt". It's nt easy to do and takes a bit of practice . I didn't know how to make myself squirt at first, but then I started really concentrating on it and found that it's a LOT easier with G-spot and clitoral stimulation, meaning, when me and my boyfriend are having sex, and he hits my G-spot just right while I'm stimulating my clitoris, I will squirt pretty violently.

The substance is colorless and odorless IF you keep your lady parts clean . It's a lot like water in how it feels. I don't know about other women, but mine seems to shoot out every time. Thanks for asking, I hope that helped.

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