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"Are The Guys Sexually Attracted And Gay?"

masturbating with buddies dude Masturbating with buddies - Posted by dude:
First things first, I don't want to offend anyone. But I'm an older teen and I always thought that if you were sexually attracted to a male, that you were gay. Then I read the message about guys masturbating with buddies in a group but they aren't gay, even though they "liked feeling their buddies hand around on their dick." They said.

They said watching there friends masturbate was a turn on. I guess I would just like to know what makes someone gay if being sexually attracted to another man isn't it. Its not a health question but I'd still like to know.

Watching men mutual masturbate with other fellows - Follow Ups:

Watching a man masterbate Watching a man masterbate - Dave
I still wonder the same thing. I think if you are sexually turned on by watching a man masterbate, then you are gay. It makes me uncomfortable unless I'm very alone and I think that if I were in a group or with one other guy, I would be too worried about what they thought of me. Anybody else?

Mutual Bisexual urges guy Mutual Bisexual urges - Posted by: Grub
Old age bi-sexial urges.
I am a senior male, age 68, I have always had a very active sex life with females and with my present wife. But in the past few years, I have become worried about having bisexual urges.

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When I was young, I was at a Catholic wake and, while my folks were talking to friends, the priest asked me if I needed to use the restroom. I answered yes, and he said he had a private one to the right behind the foyer and offered to lead me there. It had a wash basin and commode.

When I opened up to pee, he moved beside me, lifted his frock, unzipped his trousers and exposed a chunky, flaccid penis. He smiled and asked if he could join me. We peed together and he shook his penis off...pulling his foreskin back. "God gifted us with exciting sensations there and a warm hand to find them with", he said, chuckling.

He then began slowly stroking and his member and it started to swell. I wanted to leave right then but he said, "This is a normal way to get rid of a man's sticky stuff and one should do it often. Do you get sticky stuff too?" "Yes", I mumbled, feeling myself get hard.

His hand grasped the circumference of his man cock and his stroking became stronger. "Go ahead. Do as I am doing. It will feel good on that nice, strong member of yours. Would you like to help with mine?" Without pause, he took my hand and wrapped it around his erect penis, clasping his hand over to make continue his stroking motions. As I went on, I felt his left hand caress my balls and then my stone-hard cock. We played this way until I came and he finished himself.

That was my first and only experience of jacking off with a male.

Obviously, I have recently had thoughts of the excitement I felt then and would like to do only that again with a man. No sucking, no anal, just mutual masturbation . Am I gay? I certainly hope not but I worry about it.

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