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    Men Masturbate With Other Males Masterbating
    "Are The Guys Sexually Attracted And Gay?"

    Posted by dude:
    First things first, I don't want to offend anyone. But I'm an older teen and I always thought that if you were sexually attracted to a male, that you were gay. Then I read the message about guys masturbating with other men in a group but they aren't gay, even though they "liked feeling their buddies hand around on their dick." They said.

    Watching men masturbate with other men - Follow Ups:
    Re: sexually attracted to another man dude
    wrong click there. They said watching there friends masturbate was a turn on. I guess I would just like to know what makes someone gay if being sexually attracted to another man isn't it. Its not a health question but I'd still like to know.

  • Re: Re: men masturbate with other men? Dave
    I still wonder the same thing. I think if you are sexually turned on by watching a man masturbate, then you are gay. It makes me uncomfortable unless I'm very alone and I think that if I were in a group or with one other guy, I would be too worried about what they thought of me. Anybody else?

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    Read experiences about is it healthy to masturbate handjob stroking penis with some man of the same sex. How to masterbate Discussion board for men, ...

  • Men Masturbate With Other Masterbating Gentlemans...
    Masturbation Stories Personal Experiences "I met this older gentleman while attending college in Santa Barbara and ...
  • Men Masturbate Sexual Interaction Group With Other Masterbating Males
    Mates masturbate with other males. I have done this with a group of straight guys..
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