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    vigorelle clitoris orgasms cream

    Posted by: Angel
    I have gone 4 or 5 days of no masterbation or sexual intercourse and I still dont have a lot of ejaculation sperm fluid volume amount that shoots out. Why, when I do orgasm and ejaculate cum, the semen sperm fluid just trickles out.
    Is there a way I can produce more ejaculation semen sperm fluid volume amount? I want ejaculating a bigger semen cum loads.

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    Eat alot of eggs to produce more ejaculation - Reply by: danny
    I have heard that in p*rno's they eat alot of eggs to produce more ejaculation cum reproduction sperm fluid volume amount....try it out for a bigger semen cum load! ..

    More sperm fluid volume amount - Reply by: Dave
    I don't know what you can do about producing more ejaculation cum sperm fluid volume amount. I've heard stopping everything for a while will give you a bigger semen cum load, but I don't think that has really helped anyone unless they masturbate three times a day and they finally gave themselves a break.

    I read somewhere that it takes a day or so to replenish the cum sperm fluid load you loose when you ejaculate. Waiting a while between masturbating does, for me, increase the pleasure and the semen cum load volume, maybe just because I've forgotten what its like.

    As far as just the cum semen fluid trickling out, it doesn't have any effect except visual. It also just trickles out for me. I worried about ejaculation cum sperm fluid amount and asked my doctor and he said its just natural variation between people like something as simple as your hair.

    I know it kinda sucks for us that we don't shoot out large cum amount because I'm sure it'd be kinda cool to see but thats all its good for. I'm sure it feels just as good for you as it does for Joe Blow who shoots the average several centimeters. But if its any consolation, he probably has a harder time cleaning up the ejaculation semenal cum fluid.

    Big time cum load shooter - Reply by: Lee
    Yeah im a 20yr old male and a big time cum load shooter its really fun...but its a pain to clean up especially if your trying to hide the act from other family memebers you go to clean up and your like so whered it go lol.

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    Cum fluid builds up - Reply by: sam
    It may be a problem with your prostate gland. Immediately prior to the orgasm itself, cum semen sperm fluid builds up in the bulb of the prostate gland to be ejaculated at the right time. Do a prostate massage on yourself to see if that helps to release more semen.

    I had prostate cancer and had the radiation treatments to the prostate gland. I can still orgasm but now no ejaculation sperm fluid comes out. I now use Semenax Natural Medical Treatment, and it really has helped me to have semen fluid shoot out again. So, it might be a good idea to be checked out by a urologist doctor.

    Shoot bigger semen loads longer
    Guys amount of semen fluid produced varies - Reply by: jake
    The amount of semen fluid produced varies by guys and situtation. Excitement level often also determines the amount you shoot and how far also. Notice next time when you build up to it slowly or are with a partner vs. the quick jerk.

    Most of all just be happy that you are able to shoot and your reproductive system works well. A little amount is better than none.

    Knock-one-out Posted By: JoeKnowsBest - email:
    I'm 35 and similar worries. I believe Jake is correct. It's all about excitement levels. If you usually "knock-one-out" on your own, for the sake of doing it, you are likely to produce very little fluid. If you are with an "ACTUAL LIVE FEMALE", and take your time with foreplay, over the period of an hour, you might find you get your 30 "fountain'. I noticed my body acts differently when with a partner.

    Posted by: Wet dreams
    I've never masterbated till climax, but have frequent wet dreams. I masterbate for approx 15 minutes ,no sperm comes out and i get tired and give up.

    Posted by B: Increase Semen Sperm Volume Amount Ejaculation Fluid Load
    How to increase amount of semen cum fluid volume load for ejaculations during orgasm. Semen production information, stronger and longer sperm quantity, ...

    Posted by s: Weak Ejaculation Sperm Fluid and Orgasm Problem
    36 y/o male,,i have a problem of weak ejaculation sperm fluid and orgasm!!i have this problom since my teenage,i feel that my orgasm is not that strong, ...

    Posted by Mick: Ejaculate More Volume Amount, shootout & Force Sperm Fluid Needed!
    I've noticed, while watching movies, that some men really ejaculate and launches 2-3 spurts sperm fluid 12-14 inches. When I ejaculate sperm fluid I only shoot 2-3 inches out. My wife says she prefers...

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    Semen used to fly - Posted by:ahmad - email:
    I am 18 and i think i have ejaculation problem. Months ago when I masturbated quite amount of semen used to fly and i get a good orgasm. But know I am having burning pee, semen does not shoot quickly,low amount,low orgasm. Does anybody know what's wrong?

    Reply by:jimmy
    Seems you may have injuried your penis, have a infection or a STD. Best to check with a doc to exam and get STd tested.

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