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Men Masterbating every day in the shower

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    Posted by RichT:
    In Reply to: Masterbating every day in the shower posted by SGM:
    I suspect that you have conditioned your body and mind so that your penis "responds" in the manner it does. I would suggest as SGM did that you seek professional advice and counsel. Since you "respond" to masterbution in the shower means your penis is ok and you seem to have problems "responding" with your wife meanig it is a mental thing. Did you try Viagra with your wife?

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  • Is Masturbating Too Much Causing His Impotence?
  • - sheila (1)
    He told me he used to masturbate alot, and gives himself many orgasms and none for me.But I think he is addicted to masturbating.

  • First time, how do you masturbate for male self gratification?
  • - I.Q. (1)
    I'm a young male and I don't know how to masterbate. HELP!!!
    .. Start the process by rubbing, fondling, tugging, and pulling the top of your penis (head area) with your hand. Once the penis is erect... place your hand, by wrapping your fingers around the erect penis... stroke up and down along the shaft from the base to the penis head...

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  • After masturbation, I found my penis sore and the head swells up
  • - eric(1)
    One night I was masterbating without lubrication....

  • Can't ejaculate with woman! No problem when masturbating-Jar(2)
    Masturbate daily and cum. I have had three partners in my life and I have not been able to ejaculate with any of them...

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    Does not dull tactile sensation

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