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"How Do I Feel A Girl Up So She Likes It To Make Out?"

Art of seduction method Posted by: help
no Foreplay man
i felt my girlfriend up the other day and i don't think she really liked it. so i'd really like to know if there's like a art of teasing seduction method to feeling a girl's tits or if there's any secret advice anyone can give me to make out to seduce her. THNX!!!

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Guard against rejection Reply by: April
IF she wanted to make out to begin with she would of liked it. Its possible she dont want to make out. But charming a woman first is beneficial for seductive results and guard against rejection.

Teasing advice In Reply by: William Wallace
Secrets: Don't go for the kill straight away is my advice, teasing is the key. Work your way around other parts of her body and by-passing the breasts and below until you notice her breathing gets heavier, which will be the signal that what your doing is right. The neck, lower back & stomach are only but a few of the places, if touched right, teasing will get her going to make out for seduction.

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Breast massaging Reply by: some guy
DO NOT be forceful. A woman has to know that a guy comes in peace. Sometimes it's best to let her tell you to make a move. She's not just gonna' coma out and say seduce me. Maybe she'll poke 'em out at you while you're kissing. Maybe she'll rub 'em on you a little.

Maybe she'll touch yours first! Some women like gentle rubbing on the nipples, some like massaging the entire breast. That's a matter of the girl. They're ALL different. Maybe you could ask? Some girls will tell you. I've gotten more pussy by asking politely, of course - I've gotten slapped a few times too!!!

Make out confidence approachwith Reply by: Briony
dude- For art of seduction just ask her what's good for her. I'd say that's your best bet, but don't be awkward about asking to seduce her. If you approach making out with confidence, so will she. You can also use a woman's orgasm cream that will stimulate her sexually.

Titty playing tips Reply by: west side ni66y
yo man watcha gotta do man is ya gotta grab the whole titty and be all like "yo bitch dis is my tittie" and ya gotta like just grab it and squeeze em a bit like ur playing with a fussy little animal like a chicken...hmm i m in th mood for sum chicken rights also in da mood for sum nuky...ok well ill keepya posted but i gotta go get sum of dat fried chicken and bitches up in my hood yo.

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Ive never successfully did oral pleasuring. I heard going down to the clitoris for stimulation is good to start oral sex arousal excitement after feeling her up foreplay.

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