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Cum odor smell man Mild bleach sort of smell - Posted by andy:
im still a male virgin and am 20 yrs old but i was just wondering how semen ejaculation fluid should smell because mine smells sort of like a mild bleach sort of smell and i would hate to think that if a girl was to make a guy cum orally she would smell a lads abnormal odor. is it abnormal or just normal?

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Odor is normal man Odor is normal - reply by: dave
I think that semen ejaculation fluid odor is normal. Most people say chlorine but either way you put it, it still smells weird. Look it up under a semen smell search if you don't know. I don't like how it smells but thank goodness I don't have to care about that.

Reply by: mickeyoleary1
Mine smells like a combination of bleach like you said and spoiled milk odor.

Pungent smell problems man Cum smells wierd - Posted by: Annon
My cum smells wierd... Like my girlfriend even asked me to smell it because it doesn't smell the same, like before it smelt like clhorine but now it doesn't even smell like that, it smells way way way stronger and like a horriable stench and and i am worried because it has been like this for 2 months... Any suggestions

Men's Scents man chlorine smell in semen is normal - Reply by: MSH
The Smell: A chlorine smell in semen is normal.

There are many factors which can influence foul smelling and taste of semen, including diet , stress, drugs, STDs, depression etc. If your under lots of stress lately, or has changed his diet (e.g., lots of Garlic oil changes the smell).

Being dehydrated also affects semen odor so , drink lots of fluid regulary.

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Strong and foul smell or a thicker, stringy semen pungent odor may also indicate an infection in the genital area and men should consult a urologist right away for STD testing.

Did you Know: A study shows that oral sex and swallowing sperm may help make a woman's pregnancy safer and more successful, because she is absorbing her partner's antigens. There is no risk in ingesting the semen of a healthy man (no STDs).

Advice Tips: Get Male infertility sperm testing and find out about Male infertility risk factors.

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