"Foreskin Rolled Over Penis Head, Having Erections Hurts!"
Prepuce Retraction, Pulled Back, Causes and Problems

Foreskin (Prepuce) Rolled Over Penis Head Posted by: Ken
My uncircumcised foreskin is not stretching as it should. I have no problems getting an erection, so that can't be the case. Even when flacid, it is still difficult to get the head of my penis through the end of the foreskin, even to urinate, as it has now seemed to have shrunk to a certain size, about the normal size it is when flacid, but will not stretch.

As a result, it is very painful to have an erection, as the foreskin barely rolls behind the head and retraction restricts the flow of blood, feeling as if it is a string tied around it tightly. There is also discoloration of the foreskin, as if the pigment is fading like a tan would.

The only thing I can think of as to how this may have happened would be from using the KY lube me and my wife used a few times about a year ago, as that seems to be about the time I noticed a slight change in the sensitivy when I would get erect.

If anyone has heard of such a thing and knows a Penis uncircumcised treatment cure for this, please help, as sex is not even an issue anymore ! due to the pain factor. There's got to be something I can do to take care of this and get my sex life back to normal. Could it be Phimosis foreskin disease?

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Phimosis Foreskin Disease Video
Penis Foreskin Stretching Over Head man Penis Foreskin Stretching Over Head Reply by: RTB
It would be beneficial for you to see a urologist doctor. The tan pigment discoloration of the penis foreskin may indicate a disease such as Phimosis foreskin disease is present.
Click to locate a doctor near you in the USA
For information on conservative medical treatments of foreskin problems (Penis foreskin pulled over the head) such as phimosis and preputial stenosis.

>Penis Foreskin Folding Over Head man Foreskin Folding Over Head Reply by: Kevin Hall
Thanks, but I don't have foreskin rolled over the head, and it was coming out of the shaft, not the head. Also, it was when I was around eleven years old I suppose, I don't remember. It hasn't happened since, I was just wondering what it was because no one knows. I remember my older friend at that age asking me "Does yellow stuff still come out?", so maybe he knew what it was. I don't think he was talking about urine, but he might have.

Penis Foreskin Retraction Over Head Penis Narrow Foreskin Retraction Over Head Posted by: Dave
i'm not really sure how to explain this but after fooling around with my girlfriend..sometimes, my it seems that the uncircumcised foreskin overlaps or something and a new layer is formed and its incredibly sensitive. it scares the sh-- out of me because its only happened twice now in my life. i try to like roll it back to normal but i'm afraid i'm gonna make it worse. can anyone explain this?

Rolled back retraction of the foreskin Posted by: JOHN
I don't know what this is but, after rolled back retraction of the forskin on my penis there seems to be small yellow spots on the back of the helmet (penis head) as well. What is this. Normal or wrong.

Penis Foreskin Pulled Over Head Reply by: MIKE
HEY.. i had the same worry as JOHN.. and after looking on some site i found what it is..
under your foreskin, a substance called smegma accumulates, which is whitish/yellowish colored. Smegma is made of dead skin cells, oils, sweat, pheremones (sexual odors), and left over drops of urine and semen. So you need to retract your foreskin every day in the shower to wash the smegma away and keep your penis clean. hope that helped.

Penis Foreskin Rolled Over Head Posted by: Harshat
hiii... im a 18 yrs guy, i hav a problem dat the foreskin of my penis doesnt go bachwards for retraction. i have seen a lot of adult films and noticed that all the men have their penis head completly open, then what problems me???? plz reply

Penis Uncircumcised Foreskin Rolled Over Head Posted by: Anonymous
I seem to have a similar problem as above... The head does not seem to be there with an erection. The shape is under the skin, but it does not leave the uncircumcised foreskin, and I can not fold it back... I am really embarrased to tell anyone personally, so I would like to know if anyone knows what problem this is? I want to look it up so I can tell a urologist about it...

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Penis Prepuce Folding Over Head Posted by: Pete
I have the same problem again, no retraction, my prepuce utterly covers my penis and during sex it is extremely painfull unless i use a condom since it provides better lubrication and allows for easier movement. My girlfriend is very tight and relatively hard to enter which makes sex even more painfull than usual.

Penis Foreskin Retracting Over Head Posted by: Jamie
I was really hoping for someone to reply to the top three questions...cuz the same is for me. My foreskin wount go back and let the head of the large beastly thing i call a cock be shown.

I heard that my boys brother had the same problem, and had to get surgery. He was out of sexual action for 2 months aparently. I would like to know if their is another way i can fix this instead of telling my mom and dad i need to go get half of my dick skin cut off so my cock head can come out. So can someone plz answer this...

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Uncircumsised Foreskin Pulled Over Head Reply by: Jim
Well I had the same problem as you, where I couldn't pull back for retraction of my uncircumcised foreskin because it hurt too much. So I just pulled it back as far as it would go, until it started to hurt, for 5 minutes every day. I carried on doing this EVERY DAY.

After about a month I noticed a great improvement in the distance it would retract. Now, about 6 months later, I can retract the foreskin all the way to the bottom of the head, although it absolutely refuses to go any further (I am told that in many cases it will not go down the shaft any more anyway, so I am normal). In the morning it goes a little bit tighter again, but after one or two retractions it has returned to it's fully retractable state once more.

topical non-steroid ointment cream guy Topical Non-Steroid Medical Ointment Cream Reply by: MSH
Another option besides foreskin surgery, is a topical non-steroid ointment cream that is now the foreskin retraction treatment of choice, due to low morbidity, lack of pain or trauma, and low cost. Check with your doctor for the product treatment that is best for you. Ask him about the side effects and interactions of the product for guys.

You may want to use the combination of Jim's exercise in above message with the topical non-steroid ointment foreskin retraction cure product. See what your doctor thinks about that.

Steriods Reply by: anon
Be very careful of any treat with STERIODS, i made the stupid mistake some years ago and went to the pharmacist, instead of a doctor for this problem, and he gave me a cream that had in a steriod, and guess what, that steriod cause my blood sugar level to spiked up, finally went to the doctor, to find out now that am a diabetic, due to the steriod..... so be careful

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Guys Foreskin Retracting Over Head Posted by: RJ
When I go to the restroom to pee or when I have an erection and my foreskin is pulled over the head I have a bad problem. On the front & back and side to side there is a split mark like a cut place in all 4 places and it bleeds. This is very painful and it is hard for my wife and I to have sex. Does anyone know what is causing this and what can I do about it. Sometimes it is a while before we can have sex. Please guys give some advise. I have tried creams treatments and that doesn't seem to work. This has been happening off and on for over a year now.

Injured foreskin Reply by: wayne
It seems like you have injured your foreskin. Either use a lubicant (safe for the penis and vagina) or a condom or both to protect your foreskin. Please see a doctor for damage control.

Foreskin Restoration Reply by: bob
Check out this Starter Kit for Foreskin Restoration at amazon.

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