penis implant doctor Two types of prosthesis, Malleable Rods and Inflatable.
Patients considering penile augmentation implant surgery can expect that the main outcome of surgery will be to provide rigidity of the penis for sexual intercourse. Penis implants have many risks and benefits. A malleable penile prosthesis is always the same length. Inflatable penile prosthesis uses fluid to achieve harder rigidity.

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Posted by: niner
I would like to hear from any men, straight, bi or gay, who have had a penile inflatable implant surgery for a erectile dysfunction treatment.

I had one (3 part) which stopped working and had to be replaced after two years. The 2nd go-around has given me problems. I had my prostheses inflatable implant due to a long history of reduced erections and was pumped up for improved augmentation function so to speak. Nothing else helped, not even Viagra or a vacuum pump.

It works well, except the glans does not get hard, and it just doesn't feel quite normal to the touch; I can feel the tubes in my penis. The first go-around failed after 2 years, and I had it replaced.

I have a large penis (and, unlike some, I did not lose length or girth) and the urologist told me they put in the largest prosthesis implant the 2nd time. Now there is sort of a kink in the tubes, when flaccid, at the base of my penis. I also don't like the feel of the inflatable pump in my scrotum.

But, I should not complain. I at least have a decent erection. What has been your experience? I need to talk.
I would like to hear from any men who have had a penile inflatable implant surgery to compare notes.

AMS700 implant man AMS 700 implant - Reply by: Jedmonstone
I've had my implant 2.5 years ago (because of prostate cancer surgery causing penis erectile function problems).

The AMS 700 prosthesis inflatable implant surgery is day surgery.

In the hospital one day and out 23 hours later (three or four years ago). You leave the hospital pumped up. No problem with sweat pants.

There were no complications. Just keep it clean. In a few days or maybe a week or more, I went back (350 miles) by motor vehicle. I was shown how to deflate and pump the prothesis after the examination.

I don't, of course, know anything about the dilation of my penis for length. I am now, after three major surgeries (prostate, artificial urethral sphincter and implant), an inch shorter that my original 6". The famous surgeon said he made it as long as possible.

My penis is always the same length except when I use Caverject penile injection. The erect penis has greater girth and stands out less than horizontal. It gets attention in the shower room at the gym. I've had guys make passes at me "because I am so big". They don't know it doesn't grow. The lit says, "It gives ones penis a more youthful look". Does it ever!

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    Would I do it again? Most definitely. Three other guys have told me that they and their spouses/partners love thier penis implant. I agree with them. Women love it.
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    RRP implants man RRP implant surgeon - Posted by: doc06
    I have post RRP impotence. How do you find the best implant surgeon?. My local urologist picked one out of the phone book. He says very few are being done. I don't buy it.

    Inflatable penile implants man Reply by: Dan
    Recently, it has been reported that surgeons insert approximately 20,000 penile implants into American men yearly. The most common devices are:

  • Multicomponent inflatable implant (video) (approximately 45% of all implants).
  • Semi-rigid rods account for about 35% of the implants.
  • Self-contained devices comprise approximately 20% of surgery implants.
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    Here's a news article that might help:
    89 per cent of men with penile implants are able to have sex says ... (press release) - USA
    Penile prostheses still have an important role to play and continue to provide the "gold standard" for patients with irreversible erectile dysfunction... mean that many men prefer less invasive alternatives to penile implants says ...

    Click to locate a doctor near you in the USA.

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  • Posted by: E Bigas
    Need a Dr. in Miami for a penile protheses surgery implant.

    Reply by: Dan
    Click to locate a doctor in the Miami area. As Chairman of Urology at his primary hospital, Coral Gables Hospital, Dr. Perito has completed well over 2000 penile implants.

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  • Looking For Someone Who's Had A Penile AMS700 Prosthesis Surgery Implant
    I am looking for someone who's had a penile Prosthesis Surgery implant to share his experience. Planning to go for an penus implant myself.
  • Are you planning to have a penile inflatable implant prosthesis surgery?
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