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Masterbating Stories Posted by: niner
Men masturbate with other males. I have done this with a group of straight guys. No touching. It's a fantasy many men have, and it is hot. I am not interested in any other man sexual interaction. I couldn't care less about what others think.

Masterbating Stories Posted by:Skinny Dipper

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I had the opportunity the other week to be skinny dipping in my pool, when my neighbor and his wife came out to swim. I welcomed them, but remained naked. They didn't mind. The mood was right and after about 20 minutes of swimming and lounging on the deck I began to stroke my cock and masterbate. The neighbors watched intently and actually encouraged me as I reached orgasm. It was really strange at first, but the feeling of having someone watch who wasn't participating was a huge turnon. I had a raging 9" hardon and cam on the deck that was one of the top 3 orgasms ever. The couple was totally cool with it and even got excited watching and encouraging me to cum...

Guys Group Stories Posted by: Jimi

When I was at school I used Masturbate in front of other guys while watching sexual films together. It was fun to compare sizes and techniques. It was also quite a formative sexual experience for me because although I already knew that I had a big penis size (just over 8 inches long) I didn't realise how much bigger it was than normal man cocks, especially in width (6 1/2 inches around the shaft and bulging massively at the head).

What's more, I realised from the comments and long stares from the other guys that they would love to be as big as me. Although I now know that being good in bed means learning how to do lots of different things to turn a woman on, back then it gave me a lot of sexual confidence to know that, "wow, I'm well endowed!". I also have a lasting fascination for group sex - especially having sex with a woman while her husband/boyfriend watches - which I'm sure dates back to showing off in these group wanks.

Jack off with other dudes Posted by: Jamie
I love to masterbate. When I was young I did it but did not know about cumming or shooting my wad. The first time I actually did cum was in a girl. What a feeling..AWESOME. I like to jack off with other dudes. I have a large size cock so it's kewl to show it off. Even soft it's 7 and hard about 9. I'm getting excited and stiff just typing this. i am now only using one hand to type. i'm rubbing pre cum all over the head. better go finish......

Married fellow Posted by:Anon
I am totally a Str8 married guy here. Love having sex w/ my wife, but alway find myself checking other fellows out on the net. I find this topic interesting.

Interaction Friends Posted by:Chris
I was with a few friends and we were having bets on all kinds of stupid stuff from arm wrestles to who had the best eyesight etc. Suddenly Rob boasted that he would put money on him having the biggest dick in the room. Stroking himself through his jeans he said "check it out". From the size of his bulge we could see he was obviously pretty massive, but I was really curious to see it properly so challenged him. We both got our cocks out and started wanking.

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Now I'm not small - about 6 inches long - but we didn't need to get out any measuring taope to see that Rob was easily bigger. I would say that he had at least two inches more in length and was nearly twice as thick as mine at the top. The other guys quickly followed and like me they were pretty average - certainly not as long nor as thick as Rob. So he won his bet, but it was definitely worth it for the rest of us: Even tought we are all straight I could tell that they found it as much of a turn on as me to watch a ! man with a big penis touching himself.

Bisexual urges Posted by: Grub
Old age bi-sexial urges.
I am a senior male, age 68, I have always had a very active sex life with females and with my present wife. But in the past few years, I have become worried about having bisexual urges.

When I was young, I was at a Catholic wake and, while my folks were talking to friends, the priest asked me if I needed to use the restroom. I answered yes, and he said he had a private one to the right behind the foyer and offered to lead me there. It had a wash basin and commode.

When I opened up to pee, he moved beside me, lifted his frock, unzipped his trousers and exposed a chunky, flaccid penis. He smiled and asked if he could join me. We peed together and he shook his penis off...pulling his foreskin back. "God gifted us with exciting sensations there and a warm hand to find them with", he said, chuckling.

He then began slowly stroking and his member and it started to swell. I wanted to leave right then but he said, "This is a normal way to get rid of a man's sticky stuff and one should do it often. Do you get sticky stuff too?" "Yes", I mumbled, feeling myself get hard.

His hand grasped the circumference of his man cock and his stroking became stronger. "Go ahead. Do as I am doing. It will feel good on that nice, strong member of yours. Would you like to help with mine?" Without pause, he took my hand and wrapped it around his erect penis, clasping his hand over to make continue his stroking motions. As I went on, I felt his left hand caress my balls and then my stone-hard cock. We played this way until I came and he finished himself.

That was my first and only experience of sex with a male.

Obviously, I have recently had thoughts of the excitement I felt then and would like to do only that again with a man. No sucking, no anal, just mutual jacking off. Am I gay? I certainly hope not but I worry about it.

Fondled encounters Posted by: LeeAnne
I am a 38 year old female, my bofriend of 32 yrs has always been honest with me about past sexual tryst. He told me stories of summer camp where he was approached by a councelor, the older man stroked him to orgasm. He almost seemed to be telling me because it was a turn on to remember this while we were in bed having sex. He also told me about having sexual encounters a couple of times with his best friend. He says that he tasted and fondled his friend.I believe it was late teens , early twenties.

Should I be concerned about this? I know he is very sexual and I enjoy it, but I can't stand thinking he may deep down get off while thinking about these scenes. He tells me of the shame and guilt afterwords, but he has brought them up during sex. recently I participated with him in a threesome with his friend and thier toys, I enjoyed the attention and I am so jealouse that I caught him touching his friends balls. This is a different friend that he has known since childhood. He tells me He does not think about men. How do I get to the reality of this.

Older cousins Posted by: Dong
I went over to my older cousins house to shill and he told me that he had a new sexual video. So he put it in for me and closed the door behind him. I began to masterbate and then he walked in with his 8in. dick out. he was rubing it. He looked at me and said "i see the size is a family thing". I had at the time a 7in. and only 18. We masterbated together. No touching, no anal, nothing. That was the first of many times that we masterbated together.

Fellows Masturbation Together Stories Posted by: ECHO

Well i have a 7 in I havent actually masterbated with a fellow but it sounds intresting I Like girls and all but something about Dicks turn me on I think of it this WAY "I LOVE ME COCK SO Y NOT LOVE OTHERS"

How i should ask my friend Posted by: Jordan
I'm young and I was wondering about asking a friend to masterbate with me and i was wondering if any of you guys could email or chat with me and tell me your stories and how i should ask my friend to masterbate with me.

My Telltale Adventure Posted by: jose

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Im 18 and i love to masturbate. Im not sure if im gay. Here's my Telltale Adventure: 2 summers ago in my 10th grade year my friend had a big cock and he would show it off to us. He would masturbate in front of us and we wouldn't care. 2 weeks before school ended we went swimming for a fild trip. When we were in the bus to go back home i sat with him. I started to tickle him and i asked him if he would masturbate a wierd way and he siad he did.Then i kept my hands to my self and nothing happend. then i started to tickle him again and he told me to grab his cock and i did, but i just hold it for just like 5 sec. and i lett it go.

For the next days we were doing the same thing over and over again. Until one day we were alone in the back of the bus. He told me to take out his dick and to give him oral sex, and i did. We did that for the next few days and then the summer came. During the summer we would go outside and play with our friends and i would give him oral sex.Then it was 4 of July and we were playing hide and seek.We hide together and i gave him oral sex. Then he i stoped and he was masturbating. then i bend over and he told me he whanted to stick his big cock inside my ass and he did.We had sex like for 15 min.

He would do me and i would do him. Then he heard a sound and we stoped and ran away.A month later i invited him to come over to my house and swim and he did.After my friends and my brother left the pool we were left alone. it was night and we started to have sex. he would masturbate me and i would masturbate him. when school started again we stoped talking. -Now that 2 years have past i get horny looking at gay p*rn but after i cum i get a feeling of wanting to look at lesbian p*rn. AM I GAY OR NOT??

Reply by: anon
jose, i would say if you were to like haveing sex with a guy but like girls i say you are bi

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