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"Penis Injury Masturbating Symptoms, Need Lubrication Oil"
Sore Penis, swollen head swells, lube gel lotions advice

Posted by Eric:
One night I was masturbating without lubrication lotion. I came and did not notice a problem at the time. Afterwards my penis was not hanging, flaccid, or soft normally. It took a little while.

In the morning I found my penis felt sore, pain and swollen. When I sit down it felt like my penis was being pinched and the head would swell up. For about 2 weeks I could not sit properly, I had to be in a more prone state to sit. I noticed under the head on my left side that it was stiff under the head. When I tried to get an erection a few days later it grew strangely, started at the base and then pushed up to the head.

I have no problems getting an erection or ejaculating, but sometimes it feels like too much blood is being forced into the head. After that the pain symptoms return.

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Put ice on injury guy Put ice on injury Reply by: MSH
Male Masturbation, Penis Information, Penile Help and Facts
It is most likely due to the trauma of frequent or forcibly stroking. Care must be taken that the Vascular (vein) damage could result if the penis is vigorously masturbated.

It seems as though you may have caused injury to your penis and damage some blood vessels. You may have been masturbating too hard or over masterbating to cause injury to your penis and cause it not to hang normally. Go to a urologest doctor about your problem. It could be serious. In the mean time if the penis swollen and the head is still swelling, put ice on it and don't have any sexual activity until a docotor has examined your penis injury.

Next time use a lubricant cream and care must be giving to the lube lotion you are using. Try any of these lubricants: Wet Platinum (Best for bare penis), Vaseline (petroleum jelly - not Vaseline Intensive Care hand lotion), Baby Oil Gel lubricant, Albolene (which can be found at the drug store in some parts of the U.S.), Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E in a plastic jar (don't use the tube form).

I like the wet platinum the best because it is as close to natural as I have ever felt. It has no flavor what-so-ever. A little goes a long way and it lasts quite some time. It is also very easy to wash or rub off if you use a lot.

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> Wet Platinum Lube

> Real Skin Vagina

Masterbates hard and often - Posted by manuel matias
If a persons masterbates hard and often without a lubrificant gel cream could lead to penile injury? and erectile dysfunction...

Impotence Reply by: sam
Yes, penile injury could occur. I don't think it could cause impotence unless it was real severe.

Masturbation Cock Lube Posted by Mike D
I have no idea why people think lubrication is necessary. IT'S NOT. All it does it get slimy greasy lube all over your hand and cock, and it's not fun having to wash your dick right after you have an orgasm. Just grasp the shaft firmly, but not tightly, and use your skin as a sort of bearing. I masturbate every day, sometimes up to 7 times a day (not often,) and I don't use lube at all. I've never had any sort of injury, pain, swelling or hanging problem. It seems that either I'm a maestro of the cock fiddle, or that other people just don't get how simple this is.

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Slow down, try to prolong it Reply by: Hamadou
No, it's generally the opposite, and it's not a speed contest or race. Usually when a guy is excited in actual sex, it's much more stimulating than masturbation, which is why some guys have a problem with it.Those guys need to learn to control their bodies, recognizing the signs of an impending orgasm to slow or stop so that they can satisfy their partner, as well as themselves. If you masturbate to reach orgasm as quickly as possible, you are setting yourself up . Slow down, savor the enjoyment, and try to prolong it.

Tip of penis sore and stinging Posted by: cdog
I've been masterbating lately a lot without lube and my penis is now very sore the tip of my penis is stinging I put moisturizure on it to see if it would make it better, it has helped quit a bit, I'm young so I'm to ebarrassed to ask my mom to go see a doctor what should I do plz reply asap.

Infection advice Reply by:george
Stop masturbating until it is back to normal. Keep it clean. If you don't see any improvement in a few days see a doctor. You may have a infection.

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