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"What works Best?
Masterbating With Lube or Without or Slippery Nylon Panties? "

Slippery Nylon Panties guy Slippery Nylon Panties - Posted by:Joe
To anyone masterbating penis without lube or with Lubricant but thats too noisy try this. get 2 pairs of panties,nylon works the best,some dont slide well so you may have to try several pairs.

Put one pair inside the other, now check for slipperyness.if they slide nice,open your legs,put the crotch of the panties under your balls close your legs and lay the panties over your wrap the panties around your penis and your ready for a whole new trip!!

You can also try more than 2 pair, try 3 or 4.enjoy. Let us know how you made out on this site. ive never heard of anyone but myself doing it this way. Its a real natural feeling with 4 pair.

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Slippery Nylon Panties man Masturbation situation - Posted by:"Jake"
Sounds all well and good but try my masturbation situation here I am a paraplegic man that still has sexual sensations and can climax but I don't even get a chance to get off anymore.

Nothing seems to excite me anymore for handjob stroking is this a normal process I'm only 40 years old. Please let me know as soon as possible I am concerned. just leave me a message.Thanks

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Reply by: guy
You are losing your Libido (sexual desire) and many factors can be the cause besides aging.

1) You might have your testosterone level checked. It is the principal male sex hormone In males, it plays key roles in health and well-being, including enhanced libido (Sexual desire), energy, immune function. As men age the levels decrease.
2) Certain types of medical medicines side effects cause lost of sexual desire for fellows.
3) Reduction in libido can occur from psychological causes such as loss of intimacy, stress, distraction or depression. It may also derive from the presence of environmental stressors such as prolonged exposure to elevated sound levels or bright light.
4) Obesity can also reduce a guy's libido.

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