Venous Leakage Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms
"Soft Penis Erections, Struggle To Urinate"

Weak, limp, soft AND floppy erections - Posted by: Michael
I'm a relativity healthy male in his early 30s with a bit of a penis problem. I have weak, limp, soft AND floppy erections, but the worst part is when I'm flaccid my penis shrinks SIGNIFICANTLY, it's shriveled and always cold and it makes it struggle to urinate, I have a hard time getting pee all out, it's like there is no pressure. I have seen a urologist and he didn't find any cause,

I have also had a testosterone hormone testing which did not turn up any results, my medicaldoctors don't take it seriously...but I'm starting too...

Performance Anxiety, Weak, Limp, Hanging, Floppy Issues - Follow Ups:

Erectile dysfunction problem - Reply by: jim
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Well if your doctors can't find anything phyically wrong then try a sexual therapist or try another doctor that will take you seriously. Might be a good idea to see both for your erectile dysfunction problem.

Drug interactions - Posted by: Ojuade
Mine is a personal problem that I want you to solve for me. I cant get good penis erection, and doctors think it is as a result of the tabs interactions, that I'm taking to reduce my blood pressure. "Most of the drugs kill the penis" is what they said.

I have never enjoyed sexual intercourse for a long time and I have seized meeting with my wife for making love because of this incapability of complete climatic conclusion. I have the urge to intimate sexual pleasure but have weak, limp, soft AND floppy erections that have hinder a satisfactory orgasmic finish. Kindly help. EO.

Performance anxiety - Reply by: jim
The problem may be male sexual performance anxiety and can be a serious obstacle to a fulfilling sexual relationship, but it can also be overcome.

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Venous Leakage symtoms Condition, Treatments & Tips:

  • Avoid masturbation as this can reduce libido
  • Reduce your stress levels and accept the fact that stress and anxiety can cause problems with sexual performance
  • Check out your attitudes, feelings, guilt. If you are angry or resentful of your partner or feeling guilty about behaviors that are in opposition to responsibilities or promises to your partner -- knock off the negative behaviors.
  • Consider sexual dysfunction medicine alternatives (that won't interact with your blood pressure tabs) to increase the likelihood of longer lasting hard erections.
  • Go to a certified sex doctor, who has had experience in this particular area, to make sure that they're well-referred and that they're people who are qualified.
  • Venous Leakage Symptoms - Reply by: MSH
    Venous Leakage Symptoms guy Could be penis Venous Leakage Symptoms or "cavernosal vascular disease failure" condition occurs when the penile veins are unable to constrict efficiently during an sexual stimulated erection.

    When these veins "leak", blood escapes to the periphery into the veins around the penis, resulting in a poor, weak or soft penis erection and sometimes resulting a limp hanging penile condition.

    Here's a tip: Look into a "penis ring" to keep the blood from flowing OUT while the Viagra is making the blood flow IN.

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    Its posible to fix your weak, limp and hanging dick to climax! I fixed this.

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    I've had two instances where I've lost my boner erection, my penis went limp, just hanging, after about 15-20 minutes and couldn't regain weak dick erection and had one experience where I lost it and it was hanging, but regained the boner.
  • Performance anxiety erectile dysfunction personal experiences
  • - I've had two instances where I've lost my boner erection (my penis went limp, just hanging) after about 15-20 minutes and couldn't regain erection (mainly because I kept focusing on the fact I lost it) and had one experience where I lost it and it was hanging, but regained the boner.

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    I'm a relativity healthy male in his early 30s with a bit of a penis problem. I have weak, limp, soft AND floppy erections, but the worst part is when I'm ...
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