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Shoots over her head guy Shoots over her head - Posted by mike:
When I have sex with my girlfriend and ejaculate, sometimes it shoots out really far, like, from her midsection to neck or sometimes over her head, and in great spurts, but sometimes it just kinda leaks out or just shoots a few inches on the first spurt during orgasm. When it shoots far it is alot more watery and clear, and when it doesnt its thick and white in colour. For almost a month the semen was shooting far, but recently it hasnt been. Any idea on why not? Its not like Im losing intrest in my girl sexually or anything.

Could it have something to do with the amount of water and how hydrated my body is? I've heard of learning to contrat PC muscles to make it a more powerful ejaculation, any help on this?

Guys PC Muscles Exercise For Powerful Cumming Factors Followups:

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ejaculation semenal sperm fluid shooting out far man Several appearance and consistency factors Reply by: MSH
There are several factors that can affect the appearance and consistency of sperm when guys ejaculate, physical activity, temperature, recent ejaculation and diet. Both the white/creamy and clear semen are within the normal range

When you ejaculate to orgasms, the PC muscles contractions you are speaking about may lead to ejaculation semenal sperm fluid shooting out far distance or just dribbling, depending on the condition of the PC muscles, how long it is since you last ejaculated, and the volume of seminal sperm fluid which has accumulated during the earlier phases of your sexual arousal.

There are many reasons why the ejaculation fluids aren't all shooting out great spurts as each other, of course. Perhaps one of the main reasons is that the orgasms involve the whole body, and therefore simple things like levels of tiredness, fatigue, relaxation and stress will all have an impact on the intensity of the sensual orgasmic experience.

The main factor that reduces the amount of semen fluid volume is ejaculating several times in a day. However given some time to rest the amount of guys semenal sperm fluid volume will return to its usual level. The volume amount male ejaculate has nothing to do with your masculinity or how enjoyable the sexual experience is.

Learning to contract and therefore strengthen these PC muscles will result in much more intense orgasms and a much more powerful ejaculation shooting of semenal sperm fluid.

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my PC muscles man I "worked-out" my PC muscles - Reply by: C_Dub
I can vouch for the PC muscle thing. I have never been able to shoot my cum, it has always just ran out like a slow piss, so I "worked-out" my PC muscles 100 times a day for 6 weeks.

Gradually I noticed a little distance on my shot and then I laid off sex and jackin off for 2 weeks and when I plugged my wife I came so hard that it shot over her head, almost 6 feet!, with three consecutive shots. She was so proud of me that we screwed again and I shot it all over her breasts and a little on her chin, and there was sooo much that we had to use two washclothes to wipe it all off her body. I was at least 3-4 feet from her face the second time around and she wanted more.

Also, my orgasm was so hard that I am glad I had a little commitment and did the exercise right. People should make PC exercises a religion and worship them. I know it sounds funny but I remember to do them by going to the gym... as I'm doing crunches I am also contracting my PCs too. The only thing funny about the whole situation is when I had to explain what "PC" was on my workout chart to my trainer...

needless to say he caught on and to this day he has the balls (pun intended) to brag about his distance to any girl he approaches for sex in the gym (he's a dog), but what amazes me is that the women almost seem to want to see it to believe it... not his size, technique, etc. just his distance - and it works! Oh how I wish I was single again! :(

ejaculate a thick liquid girlfriend White thin liquid - Posted by: elma
Hi, I had a sex with my boyfriend 2 times in 1 month, he is 34 years old when ever he ejaculates it is a white thin liquid came out with a high speed and very frequently he ejaculates every time he is with me. But when he was 29 years old at that time he take some time to ejaculate and it is a thick liquid. Please let me know where it is a normal sir abnormal thing.

do not ejectulate semen cum man Do not ejectulate cum - Posted by: hRon - email:
I'm seventy eight years old, my wife and I have sex two to three times per week. My problem is that I orgasm strong as ever with great intensitive, but I do not ejectulate and semen cum. My urologist tells me that a problem am, but it come out later in my urine. Don't make a bunch of sense to me, Maybe just age and time taking their toll on me..

ejaculation semenal sperm fluid shooting out far man Prostate problem Reply by: Msh
Maybe you have a prostate problem and should have prostate PSA lab testing sceening done.

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