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"What is Penis Leaking Precum"

When aroused i get a clear seminal fluid leakage When aroused, get seminal fluid leakage - Posted by jim:
what is precum,,,,when im aroused i get a clear seminal fluid leakage that just comes from my erected penis its not much but is this normal its clear i believe its from be aroused,,,,, i do cum when i hav sexual intercourse and its the normal color, just wanted to know the causes, if this is from being excited.

Pre cum Secretion Symptoms & Cowper's Bulbourethral Causes - Follow Ups:

Natural lubricating secretion seminal fluid guy Natural lubricating secretion seminal fluid -Reply by: bryan b.
"Precum" is the name usually applied to the clear, natural lubricating secretion seminal fluid that you mention. It's produced by some men, but not all, when they're sexually excited. For some men, just a drop or two may ooze out, either early on or just before they reach orgasmic ejaculation, or at any other point during their sexual activity--including masturbation. For others, the fluid starts dripping out as soon as arousal sets in, and continues to flow right up till the male ejaculates. It has been called 'the man's STP.'

pre cum oozes guy In Reply to: Pre Cum Cowper's Bulbourethral Gland Fluid - RichT
Yes, when males become aroused, there is a clear secretion fluid that is emitted from the tip of a man's penis. It is a natural lubricant (called Cowper's Bulbourethral Gland Fluid) that just "naturally" oozes out. This natural lubricant helps the male to enter and penatrate the female vagina with his erect penis. Yes, it is normal, and yes it is from becoming sexually excited.

Dripping precum guy Dripping precum, a lubricating, clear, sticky formula - Reply by: MSH
Answer: Smooth muscle contraction forces semen fluid through the urethra located in the penis corpora muscles. The urethra houses and transmits urine to the exterior as well. The question that is asked frequently is how can two different substances travel through the container without contaminating both? The answer is because of dripping precum, a lubricating, clear, sticky formula, cleans the urethra before ejaculation.

Precum Posted by jj:
Can precum get you pregnant?

Reply by Yang:
That is questionable. If the precum is clear then there should be no sperm in it that causes you to get pregnant. But some say there is a small amount of sperm in the fluid that leaks out of the penis during arousal.

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Reply by: MSH
Unlike semen, pre-ejaculate does not contain sperm, But it may pick up sperm remaining in the urethra from a previous ejaculation. If that happens, it might cause pregnancy.

  • Posted by: Lee
    After being with a girl for a little while, even just sitting there with her, a clear fluid leaks from my penis. just wondering if this is normal and if its controllable. its embarassing to have a wet spot on the fornt of my jeans.

    Precum leaks Reply by: ted
    Yes, when males become sexually aroused, there is a clear mucus-like liquid that is emitted and oozing from the tip of a man's penis.

    It is a natural fluid lubricant that just "naturally" dripping out. T his natural fluid lubricant helps the male to enter and penatrate the female vagina with his erect penis. No, precum fluid is not controllable for men. When you are with your girl, you can wear a condem, thick sock or other covering might work over the penis head to protect your outer clothing.

    photo pictures of penis precum leaking image

  • Posted by: Jacob Lindsey
    Can cowpers fluid or pre-ejaculate be released from the penis when the penis is not erect, or can the penis be partially erect and it still be released? Because I am finding that my pants are wet and sticky when I am not completely erect or not at all. And can it come from non-sexual excitement?

    Cowper's Bulbourethral gland fluid Leakage Reply by: MSH
    To have cowpers precum leakage release you have to be sexually excited. When you get sexually excited you normally get partially erect or hard erection. Now, there are some men who have physical erection problems and pre-cum can be released without a erection when they get sexually excited.

    Posted by: krystal
    I want to ask if absence of precum drippping in a man that always has precum when aroused means that he has had a recent sexual encounter?

    Absence of Precum Dripping - Reply by: MSH
    Either that or he has masturbated recently.

    Posted by: richard
    hi im Richard and im 13 and the other day i try to make sperm oozing out of my penis by putting my hands on my penis and rubbing it back and forth and only pee come out isn't it suppose to be sperm , can you tell me why sperm is not oozing out.

    Absence of Pre-cum Sperm Oozing Reply by: MSH
    Maybe it is because you havn't reach puberty yet. Seminal sperm production starts at puberty in guys.

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    Posted by: gustavo
    im 15 and i only come the precum not the actual sperm ,why?

    Reply by: MSN
    Because the precum mucoid secretion fluid is produced in the Cowper's Bulbourethral gland. Whereas the sperm is produced in the testicles. If the percum is clear there should not be any sperm in the fluid. If your cum is clear maybe it is because you havn't reach puberty yet

    Half of penis entered me Posted by: QWERTY
    I am a girl and my boyfriend and I had sex. He told me no semen came out. But he had this precum. But at the middle of our intercourse we decided to cease it. Only half of his penis has entered me.It has been 2 weeks since then. Will I be pregnant?

    Reply by: MSN
    If he said no semen came out is true, then you shouldn't get pregnant since most precum dosen't carry sperm. But you should get a pregnancy test done for sure.

    Precum medical treatment - Posted by: ssaarr email:
    what is real treatment of "Precum" (natural lubricating secretion seminal fluid)? i felt about it, it also creates high touch penis sensitivity problem. so i want to know about its proper treatment.

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    More on Clear Seminal Oozing Mucoid Secretion Fluid Medical Causes

    Reply by Fred
    You may have a infection and should be checked out by a doctor.

    Took pregnancy test Posted by: Morgan - email: Morganb
    I was wondering if I had sex with someone and they came inside me and then a different guy precum would get me pregnant because I took a pregnancy test two Weeks ago and I wasn't now I am...but I have been having sex with the same person for awhile and he always cums inside me.... but the other guy didn't at all....and when I do this calculation thing it says that the one with the precum got me pregnant.... I don't get it because I took a test at least a week and a half later and it was it says positive....please help me

    Your pregnant! Morning after pill - Reply by: nathon
    If that's a problem then get the Morning after pill to taken within 5 days.

    Spiritual herbal remedy Posted BY: Jimmy Scort - email:
    Who would have thought i will survive from this constant semen leakage, that almost destroy my family? thank God for dr shant tami of indianspell temple who help me with his spiritual herbal remedy drugs that i took and my 4 years long semen leakage stop as a surprise after spending 3000 dollars in different hospital they all prove about abortive.. i will forever be grateful to dr shant tami, no semen drop again... contact dr shant tami through email address

    HIV Posted BY: Anon
    We only done a 4play so am afraid if his precum can infect me with hiv.

    HIV research study Reply by: MSH
    A study indicates that HIV can be present in pre-cum. Get lab tested if you have doubts about your partner.

    Quickly in vagina Posted BY: Piet - email:
    my girl and I don't had sex. my penis was only against her vagina and one time very quikly in and out the vagina, my penis was whole time dry but I am scared if pre-cum gets in her that I don't see it! If it get in her or against her vagina can she get pregnant? Plz plz answer plz plz

    Be safe Reply by: Mac
    Too close to call. All it takes is one sperm to get through. Get the Birth Control pill for her to taken within 5 days to be safe.

    no sperm Posted by: andru - email:
    i dont know why but i masterbate for long periods of time but it seems that im not doing it right. Its all precum no sperm, maby its cus im thirteen but i've hit puberty i have hair on my genitals and in my arm pit but my voice isnt deep and i only have pre cum and im also going to turn fourteen oh and my penis seems like it gets smaller

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