Male Question:
"Rubbing, Sucking Men's Nipples Sexual Arousal Stimulation Sensation Same As Women's?"

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    Prolong Climax

    Posted by Anonymous:
    Question: Do men get sexual arousal stimulation as women do when they have their nipples play with, sucking, rubbing and licking them?

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    Stimulated Nipples Reply by: Mark
    I don't like having my nipples stimulated or messed with, or sucked on except very gently. They are very sensitive.

    Sensitivity licking RichT(0)
    Good question. I have no way of knowing if men's nipples have the same high concentration of nerve endings as a woman's nipples for sexual arousal stimulation. I would suspect a woman's nipples have a lot more nerve endings and hence a greater "sensitivity" to rubbing, licking and sucking.

    Interestingly, as I'm writing this and thinging of my wife rubbing and playing with my nipples, my penis is beinging to "stir". Isn't it amazing what "sexual thoughts" can do to our minds and then the response that ensues.

    Reply by: Le Roi
    I can only speak from my own experience.

    I know some men do not have sensitive nipples. They get no pleasure from having them rubbing, caressed or sucked on for stimulating. There are many like myself who feel the sensations produced by having their nipples sucked are exquisite.

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    There seems to be a direct connection from my nipples to my genitals. The harder they are sucked the harder my erection. I don't know if the sensitivity can developed by constant attention. It surely is worth the attempt. I would like to know the reaction of others to this attention.

    Posted by: AphroApollo
    Love having my nipples played with and sucked. It gets me hard and dripping pre-cum. it even makes me hard again after cuming.

    Touch my nipple Posted by: BigPhill
    My girlfriend likes to touch my nipple and touching one of hers at the same time, and it gives me a hard on. ...

    Foreplay Posted by: Fred - email:
    I for one love having my nipples licked, sucked and rubbed. to me that is foreplay. If my lady wants me to cum quick all she has to do is start sucking and pulling on my nipples while having sex and will start cuming really quick. A lot of times she doesn't want to have intercorse so she places my hand on my cock and she starts licking and sucking while I masturbate, within a couple of minutes I will have an that won't stop.

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  • Never Done Foreplay Teasing And Making Intimate Love Before
    The problem is she will be fairly experienced (she's 29,I'm 23) don't want her to know, that i've never done foreplay sexual love making activity before but, don't want to let her down.

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