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    Masterbate with other men? Posted by Paul:
    Do men masturbate (handjob cock stroking) thier penis with other men? Should I say, is it healthy to masturbate with some one of the same sex. I wonder if men think of other men while they are masturbating but are not gay. Can you shead some light?

    Pals Self-Gratifcation Activity In Front Of Buddys, Stories - Follow Ups:

    Very Uneasy RichT
    Paul, I'm from the other side of the tracks so to speak. I am also married like Roy, and yes, I also masturbate now and then. Frankly, I can't imagine masturbating in front of my pal let alone my wife. Just the thought of masturbating in front of other males makes me very uneasy.

    Enjoy it alot Reply by: Roy
    All I can say is I do! I enjoy it alot more than masturbating alone. I say it is a strong second with my wife's handjob stroking my penis.

    Handjob group Reply by: Pual
    May I ask. How do you find your handjob group to masturbate with. I would love to do that but am afraid to come out and ask. DO you have any suggestions.

    Group activity Reply by: Roy
    First, You are wise not to be to direct. It can be offensive to some. As for myself, I have always found someone who was intrested in the health clubs. The Sauna's and Steam rooms will provide a location for mutual handjob group activity.

    I have always found that there are certian singals that people send like casually stroking one's self and if the other person(s) are intrested they will do the same in return and it just goes from there. Do however be carefull and discreet so as to avoid offending anyone. I hope this helps.

    My friends Reply by: B M
    Yes, I do. I do it with some of my friends.

    Gay? Reply by: Mark
    I am a 41 y/o married male. I have never masterbated another man, or in front of another man, but have always wanted to. I do not act on my fantasy because of religious convictions, and my wife would be hurt if she knew.

    She knows I fantasize about men, but we don't make a point of discussing it. I work with a man who I have a terrible crush on. We are just pals, though. I would never think of myself as gay, even if I did have mutual handjob stroking with him. I don't think I have shed any light on the wanking subject, but enjoyed getting it off my chest.

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    Second to sex with wife Reply by: Roy(1)
    I enjoy it alot more than masturbating alone. I say it is a strong second to sex with my wife.
    So as not to cause injury to my penis, I use a natural oil-based lubricant, used only for bare penises, like Wet Platinum and viagra to last longer.

    Buddys hand Reply by: JB
    hell yes! it feels so good to have ur buddys hand wapped around ur hard cock and ur hand around his shaft stroking each other .

    With mates watching x-rated Reply by: Bart
    Yes I do. My mates and I masturbate watching X rated, then we are going out on the town to find some women.

    Wrap ur hand Posted by: richard
    OMG i am only 25 but i have dun it for ages i mean cum on jus to not have to wrap ur hand around ur stiff cock is just the best feeling ever, also when u come after u feel so good coz it is not u hu has handjob urself.

    i LUV handjob stroking my cock and wuldnt stop it for the world. of corse i do do it with myself bt it is well better to do stroking with ur friends !!!!!! p.s i am nt gay and i do jus wank infront of them aswell... i am nt ashamed of my knob!!!! u shuldnt b 2!!!!!!

    Each other different sensation Reply by: mike
    i agree with richard. me and my mates, often just two of us or more sit in and watch a p*rn video and masturbate each other.

    you can sit back and relax and let your mate do it for you. its quite a different sensation having masterbating done for you as apposed to jerk off yourself.

    Jerking off contact with others Reply by: BOB
    Seeking information about or contact with others. Women who bring thier nab to a group meeting. Men are encouraged (trained) to shamelessy jerk off and maintain the "edge" for a relatively long time before being given permission to get off. I've heard that this is conducted in much the same way that a men coach women to give birth.

    Group meetings Reply by: tom
    Unfortunately, many males frequently seek their identity through friends in group meetings, gangs or drug subcultures because there's a lack of opportunity to be involved in circles, cliques bunch that are more socially acceptible activities.

    Asking someone Posted by: david - email:
    How do you ask someone that you want to do it with them?

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